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EC3 makes WWE Raw in-ring debut, defeats Dean Ambrose

EC3 made his WWE Raw in-ring debut this week against an opponent who looks to be on his way out of the company.

In his first televised match on the main roster, EC3 defeated Dean Ambrose on tonight's episode of Raw. The finish was EC3 winning with a jackknife cradle. It was pushed as an upset on commentary, with Michael Cole saying EC3 beat a former WWE Champion.

EC3 vs. Ambrose was set up during a "Moment of Bliss" segment right before the match. EC3 was Alexa Bliss' guest. Bliss said EC3 has everything going for him, called him young and good looking, and said she's heard he has a very large bank account. EC3 didn't speak on the microphone during the episode.

Bliss wanted to find out whether EC3 would be on Raw or SmackDown, but they were interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina. Ambrose then came out and interrupted them.

WWE confirmed last week that Ambrose won't be renewing his contract when it expires in April. Ambrose's contract status wasn't brought up on Raw.