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Eddie Kingston, other prominent names trying out for WWE

A number of prominent unsigned wrestlers are receiving a tryout at the WWE Performance Center this week.

In an article on WWE.com on Thursday afternoon, WWE revealed many of the wrestlers receiving tryouts and highlighted former UFC fighter Shayna Baszler and Eddie Kingston among the names. Our Dave Meltzer confirmed earlier this week that the 36-year-old Baszler would be receiving a tryout at the Performance Center.

Some of independent wrestling's top women's wrestlers are trying out alongside Baszler, including Heidi Lovelace, Nicole Savoy, Kimber Lee, and Su Yung. WWE also noted that a female referee is receiving a tryout, along with endurance athlete Ella Anne Kociuba.

Cedric Rougeau, the son of former WWE wrestler Jacques Rougeau, is among the male wrestlers in the group. Other male names confirmed by WWE are Jacob Fatu of the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty, Canadian tag team Jeff Parker and Matt Lee, and former Buffalo Bills fullback Corey Knox.