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Elias returns to WWE TV, drafted to Raw

Elias made his return tonight on Raw, attacking Jeff Hardy with a guitar.

Hardy, who was drafted to Raw tonight, took on AJ Styles and the departing Seth Rollins in a triple threat match. Towards the end of the match, Elias emerged from out of nowhere and attacked Hardy with his guitar. This allowed Styles to cover Hardy for the win.

Stephanie McMahon then announced in the following segment that Elias was drafted to Raw from SmackDown, where he last appeared.

Elias was last seen being stretchered into an ambulance following a hit and run angle that took place on the May 29 edition of SmackDown. In reality, it was a cover for a pectoral injury that would keep him out of action for months.

The storyline had Sheamus frame Jeff Hardy for the hit and run. This resulted in a feud that ended when Hardy defeated Sheamus in a bar room fight on SmackDown