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Enzo Amore suffers severe concussion

Eric "Enzo Amore" Arndt suffered a severe concussion according to those close to him.

Arndt was injured in the early moments of the Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains tag team match.  He was sliding under the bottom rope but he got caught in the ropes with his head hitting the middle rope and the back of his head hit the mat near the apron.  He rolled to the floor. Simon Gotch grabbed him when he shouldn't have but the match was quickly stopped and he was carried to the back on a stretcher and rushed to a local hospital where he underwent a CAT Scan.

He was able to remember everything before the match and able to move his extremeties.

He was discharged from the hospital before the show was over.

It is not clear how long he will be out of action but WWE doesn't allow wrestlers diagnosed with a concussion to return until passing testing.