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The Hardys vacate WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles

Due to an injury suffered by Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Boyz are no longer SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Matt & Jeff Hardy appeared on SmackDown tonight and announced that they have to vacate the titles because of Jeff's injury. In storyline, the injury was blamed on Lars Sullivan attacking The Hardys after they won the SmackDown Tag Team titles three weeks ago.

Jeff said he needs surgery and claimed that he'll be out of action for a long time, but he said this isn't the end of their journey. Jeff vowed to come back better than ever. The segment led to Sullivan laying out Matt. R-Truth made the save for Jeff, but Sullivan laid Truth out as well.

Dave Meltzer reported last week that Jeff suffered an injury at WWE's house show in Madison, Wisconsin on April 20. Meltzer wrote that it appeared to be a right knee injury.

The Hardys won the SmackDown Tag Team titles from The Usos on the April 9 episode of SmackDown. WWE has yet to announce how the next champions will be decided.