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The Hardys win WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles

The Hardy Boyz are once again tag team champions, this time on SmackDown.

Matt and Jeff defeated The Usos tonight on SmackDown after Matt hit the twist of fate on Jimmy, with Jeff scoring the pin following the swanton bomb. The Usos held the championships for 51 days, defeating Shane McMahon and The Miz at Fastlane on February 17.

After they won the titles, Lars Sullivan’s music played. Despite putting up an effort, Sullivan easily dismantled both Matt and Jeff, with Sullivan finishing off Matt with a diving headbutt.

This is the Hardy Boyz’ eighth WWE tag team title victory. Under the WWE banner, they have previously won the Raw tag team titles once and the WWE/World tag team championships six times.

After returning to the company in 2017, they split up the following year as Jeff Hardy went to SmackDown as part of the Superstar Shake-Up. After a long hiatus, Matt returned to SmackDown and reformed the Hardyz tag team, defeating The Bar on February 26.