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HBO's 'Last Week Tonight' follows up on WWE-Saudi Arabia

For the second straight week, HBO's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver covered WWE's relationship with Saudi Arabia.

While talking about Crown Jewel being held in Saudi Arabia this Friday, Oliver mentioned reports that John Cena won't be wrestling on the show and played a clip of The Undertaker's promo from SmackDown 1000. The crowd went from chanting for Undertaker to booing when he said "Crown Jewel."

"I think the WWE itself just turned heel," Oliver said. "Do you know how clearly deeply bad something has to be to get wrestling fans to boo a wrestling event at a wrestling event?"

Oliver said WWE was pushing ahead with Crown Jewel despite the serious concerns of some of their wrestlers and own fan base. A parody video of what Oliver said WWE's marketing should be then aired, advertising that no women's wrestlers would be there, that Cena would be on the show if he's willing to take a major PR hit, and ended with "If you care about human rights, WWE's got two words for you -- suck it."