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Jeff Hardy signs new contract with WWE

Jeff Hardy has signed a new contract with WWE.

In an interview clip that was posted by BT Sport today, Hardy revealed the news of the deal when he said that using his old "No More Words" theme song again in the future was part of him re-signing with WWE. Dave Meltzer has also confirmed the news of Hardy signing a new WWE deal.

Hardy told BT Sport that he'll start to use "No More Words" once WWE is able to run shows in front of crowds again. Hardy said he thinks the Hardy Boyz's music should only be for the Hardys as a tag team. Matt Hardy signed with AEW after departing WWE earlier this year.

Jeff currently holds the Intercontinental title and is involved in a three-way feud with former champions AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. Jeff had a title defense against Styles on SmackDown this past Friday, but Zayn interrupted the match and attacked both of them. Zayn, who was Intercontinental Champion prior to the title being declared vacant this May, returned to WWE television last month and claimed that he's still the rightful champion.