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Jordan Omogbehin appears as AJ Styles' bodyguard on WWE Raw

A new role for the 7-foot-3 Jordan Omogbehin was revealed on tonight's season premiere edition of Raw.

Omogbehin made his first appearance as AJ Styles' bodyguard on tonight's show. Omogbehin had previously appeared on WWE television as one of Akira Tozawa's ninjas and as the bouncer for Raw Underground. Dave Meltzer reported last week that Raw Underground is considered done for now.

Before facing Matt Riddle on Raw tonight, Styles entered with Omogbehin by his side. Styles cut a pre-match promo bragging about defeating Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins in their triple threat match last week and saying Raw has finally drafted a true leader. Styles said this new era of Raw belongs to him.

Omogbehin initially refused to leave the ring when the bell rang for Styles vs. Riddle. The referee started to count to five, but Omogbehin grabbed his arm to stop the count. Styles told the referee that Omogbehin will break his arm next time. The referee pleaded with Omogbehin and he finally left the ring.

During the match, Omogbehin stepped in the way when Riddle was on the apron and was about to hit a strike to Styles on the outside. Omogbehin later clenched his fist at Riddle on the outside, then Riddle scurried back in and Styles hit a kick and the Styles Clash to get the win.

Omogbehin is originally from Lagos, Nigeria and played college basketball at the University of South Florida and Morgan State University. WWE announced his signing in October 2018 and he made his in-ring debut at an NXT house show in July 2019.