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Kalisto injured after fan throws water bottle at him on 205 Live

Kalisto appears to have been injured when a fan threw a water bottle at him on Tuesday's episode of 205 Live.

The bottle was thrown at Kalisto while he was laying outside the ring after he had teamed with Gran Metalik against Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick. The faces won by disqualification, with Gallagher & Kendrick continuing to attack them after the match. As Gallagher & Kendrick were walking away, the camera cut to a shot of a bottle, which wasn't empty, bouncing off the ground and hitting Kalisto in the mouth.

Abigail Rodriguez, Kalisto's wife, posted an update yesterday which revealed that Kalisto needed stitches, had an MRI done, and suffered a possible fracture. Rodriguez didn't reveal any specifics about the potential fracture.

"The way you assaulted my husband was disgusting to say the least," Rodriguez wrote. "Your actions caused harm and medical intervention was needed. Second, I am in disbelief with those that think it's ok to ridicule (poke fun of) someone who lives their life to entertain others. If it was you in the situation, you wouldn't be laughing now would you?! What a way to spend our holidays! Stitches, MRI, and possible fracture, we don't know."

Kalisto has yet to comment on the incident. Rodriguez's post includes a fairly brutal picture of his lip after the injuries that were caused.

According to a tweet from a WWE employee, the person who threw the bottle was caught by security.