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More WCW Thunder episodes being uploaded to WWE Network

More episodes of WCW Thunder are set to be made available on the WWE Network next week.

WWE Network News reported today that more Thunder episodes will be uploaded to the Network next Monday (March 18). The report stated that 20 episodes will be added.

The first set of Thunder uploads were added to the Network in March 2018. The first 77 episodes of Thunder are currently available on the Network, with them ranging from the show's premiere in January 1998 to the end of August 1999.

The final edition of Thunder aired in March 2001, which was the month that WCW closed its doors. Thunder was a two-hour show that aired on TBS and ended up serving as secondary in-ring programming to Monday Nitro.

Episodes of WWE Confidential were added to the Network as last month's classic content drop, while episodes of WWF Superstars from 1992 were uploaded in January.