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NXT Cocoa, FL, live results: Finn Balor & Nakamura vs. The Revival; Nia Jax & Lana team up

Finn Balor

I'm here at Cocoa Beach, FL, with approximately 250.

- Patrick Clark beat Dan Matha

The big guy Matha used his strength early, even putting Patrick in a camel clutch. We had a double down where Patrick kipped up and made his way to the top for an impressive missile dropkick for the win.

- The Authors Of Pain best Chris Atkins and Noah

The larger heels destroyed the happy faces before the bell even rang. Once order was restored, the match officially started only for the Authors to continue their onslaught and take the dominant win.

- Adrienne Reese beat Mandy Rose

This was a very good match as they both hit some impressive moves. Mandy hit a great looking running knee and a kick behind Adrienne's head. Adrienne caught Mandy with a snap rana from her back, a beautiful middle rope springboard crossbody, and finally hit the off the top rope spinning stunner for the win.

- Angelo Dawkins beat Tucker Knight

Mean Guy Match as they used power and holds to work each other over. Dawkins got his feet on the ropes to steal the pin.

- Tye Dillinger beat Buddy Murphy

Pre-match, Dillinger took the mic and said Murphy has been through a lot lately. The crowd taunted him with a "He got dumped" chant so Dillinger went with it and then the "She's A Ten" chants when Alexa was brought up. Dillinger even asked if Murphy could give her his number. Funny stuff.

Very good match with Murphy working over Tye's arm, there was an inside out crossbody by Tye to Murphy on the floor. The finish was a great superkick followed by the exposed knee to the back of the head. Post match, Murphy stayed down until the doc could check on him, but he was able to make his way to the back on his own. He simply got his bell rung.

- Nia Jax and Lana beat Daria and NXT Women's Champion Asuka

Nia did most of the work as expected. Lana would tag in when she had the advantage, and kept it very simple, yet fun. Asuka and Nia traded action and holds, and the bearhug by Nia was the hold of choice to keep Asuka grounded. Daria and Lana mixed it up at one point and traded kicks. Lana plays to her flexibility and attempts high kicks for most of her offense. Nia scored the win over Daria with a tree slam. Post match, Lana played it up as she was proud of her victory, pointing at kids and mocking them with thumbs down and sad faces.

- Elias Samson beat Chris Girard

Hard-hitting match with Drifter using some new offense other than the headlock like a crossface, spinebuster, and a running knee. Girard went for a running uppercut but was caught with the spinning neckbreaker for the win.

- Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura beat The Revival

Amazingly entertaining match with The Revival taunting everything and playing the foil to these amazing superstar wrestlers. Balor at live events is much more confrontational and sassy towards his opponents: instigating conflicts between Dash and Dawson, throwing each over the top rope, laughing at them and leading crowd chants. Shinsuke laid in some hard knees and strikes to some great reactions.

Finn ran Dash corner to corner then struck him with vicious chops. Dawson got one for his trouble as well. The finish was a double pin with Finn hitting the 1916 when Shinsuke hit the Kinshasa on each of the Revival. Post match, Finn did Nakamura's Yeaoh! pose on the ropes. They also Too Sweeted and Finn put up the guns.