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NXT Cocoa, FL, live results: Mojo and Carmella's final NXT appearances

I'm here at NXT Cocoa with an expected crowd of 250.

- Niko Bogojevic defeated Patrick Clark

Major heat on Patrick, who has a nose guard thanks to his match with Hideo Itami last night. Clark was heckling fans, even telling Izzy that "Bayley sucks" and getting in others faces. Bogojevic is doing well already, a nimble and powerful big man.

Bogojevic even did a worm into an elbow drop before using the Vader Bomb for the win.

- Tucker Knight defeated Sawyer Fulton

Hard-hitting match with Knight using a running Thesz Press for the win.

- The Authors of Pain defeated Chris Atkins & Adrian Jaoude

Very quick match, double team finish on Atkins.

- Carmella defeated Mandy Rose

The NXT Florida farewell for Carmella. Rose took most of the offense before Carmella fired up, did an out of the corner headscissors, bronco buster, and locked in the Code Of Silence for the win.

Post-match she made her way around ringside, talking pictures and signing a few autographs before intermission.

- Mojo Rawley defeated Josh Woods

Big reaction and chanting for Rawley, sending him off in style. Woods took most of the match before Rawley hit the big punch splash in the corner for the win.

- In-ring promo with Riddick Moss, unbelievable mic work, he said he's not a fan of the locker room, that he didn't care who got drafted, and went on to say he was glad they're all gone, that “Carmella can take her earrings and go back to Staten Island, How's it going?”

He said that he could paint himself up and crawl around, or run around saying “I'm hyper,” that he doesn't care about the “Goat Daniel Bryan or the homeless looking Mick Foley,” then got to Stephanie and looked in to the tripod cam and said “Sup, girl?”

He said that he is giving her one year to call him up or he's taking his talents to greener pastures.

- Daria Berenato defeated Liv Morgan

Submission victory for Berenato with her head and arm leg scissor maneuver.

- Shinsuke Nakamura & TM61 defeated The Revival & Tino Sabbatelli

Great action with TM61 doing most of the work before Nakamura took the hot tag and worked with Sabbatelli. Sabbatelli dominated the tests of strengths before Nakamura took control. There was a near fall with everyone diving in to break it up. 

TM61 hit stereo dives to the outside leaving Nakamura clear to hit the Kinshasa for the win.