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Otis & Mandy Rose date set for Valentine's Day WWE SmackDown

A date between Mandy Rose and Otis has been announced for the Valentine's Day edition of SmackDown.

A backstage segment aired on tonight’s show between Heavy Machinery and Fire & Desire. Otis asked Mandy if she would go out on a date with him next week. Mandy said that she was busy next week, but she wasn’t doing anything the following week, which would be on Valentine’s Day.

The romance of sorts between Otis and Mandy Rose has been built up over the last several weeks. Otis has been helping Mandy win matches, but has also inadvertently cost Sonia Deville matches along the way. However, both she and Sonia Deville were eliminated after Deville was tossed over the rope and collided with Mandy Rose, who was being carried by Otis.

During the Royal Rumble last Sunday, Otis helped Mandy Rose avoid elimination when he laid on the ground, protecting her feet from hitting the floor.

The Valentine’s Day edition of SmackDown will take place at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.