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Randy Orton receives 10 staples after facing Brock Lesnar

After Sunday night's bloody loss to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, Randy Orton received 10 staples to close a gash that Lesnar opened on his forehead according to WWE.com.

Lesnar defeated Orton by TKO in the main event of WWE’s biggest show of the summer after bloodying him with stiff elbows to the forehead. Lesnar laid out SmackDown's Shane McMahon with an F5 after the match, and further update on Lesnar's storyline status following SummerSlam will likely be provided on television this week.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Orton’s condition and the finish to the match on Sunday night’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer noted that the idea of the finish was to get hard-way blood, though he doubted that there was supposed to be that much of it.

On Monday morning, WWE released the following somewhat graphic black-and-white video of their medical staff closing the gash after the match: