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RETRIBUTION join WWE Raw roster, three names revealed

RETRIBUTION revealed on Raw that their core five members have signed contracts with the company.

The five members of the group opened up Raw tonight, revealing new masks with more visible faces. Dio Maddin (Mace), Donovan Dijakovic (T-Bar) and Shane Thorne (Slapjack) were later identified on the show with new names. Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez also had new masks, but were not identified.

 It was during the opening of the show that returning announcer Tom Phillips said that RETRIBUTION had been given contracts. Yim said that despite signing contracts, they were not going to be stopped. T-Bar said that they were here to destroy the WWE and rebuild it in their image.

The segment eventually ended with The Hurt Business coming out. However, they were quickly taken out by the secondary RETRIBUTION members. T-Bar and Mace laid out Lashey with a double chokeslam.

RETRIBUTION appeared several times on the show, attacking Titus O’Neil and Humberto Carrillo backstage. The Hurt Business later took out more secondary members of RETRIBUTION in another segment.

In the main event, Mace, T-Bar & Slapjack faced Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley in a six-man tag team match. The match ended in a DQ when T-Bar, who wasn’t the legal man, attacked Lashley.

The show ended with all of RETRIBUTION, including the secondary members, attacking The Hurt Business. The rest of the Raw roster, headed by Drew McIntyre, came out for the save. McIntyre, however, was laid out by Randy Orton, his opponent at WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday.