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Roman Reigns not currently medically cleared, Wyatt & Nia Jax updates

WWE officials confirmed today that Roman Reigns is currently not medically cleared and will not be leaving tonight for the WWE's tour of Europe.

Reigns' absence wasn't unexpected since the announcement on Friday of Triple H appearing to wrestle on at least the first week of the Raw U.K. tour seemed to be to give the shows a major replacement for Reigns not being there.

In addition, since the tour was built around The Shield reunion in matches with The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro, and that Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose were instead announced as being switched to tag team title matches against Sheamus & Cesaro also seemed to confirm Reigns' absence.

The current projection is for Reigns to return on the November 13th Raw show in Atlanta.

Both Bray Wyatt and Nia Jax are confirmed as appearing on the tour. Both are expected to be in Baltimore today to take the flight out from after Raw to Glasgow, Scotland, where the tour begins on Wednesday.

Either or both could return on Raw but it is confirmed both are expected in Baltimore.

Bo Dallas is being evaluated today regarding whether or not he will be cleared to wrestle.

As noted in last week's Observer, the stories regarding Jax that have been reported elsewhere were overblown as there were never any issues regarding her leaving, nor any walking out, nor any issues regarding doing a job. She had asked for a few weeks off and was always scheduled to return for the European tour and was always booked on Survivor Series.