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'Samoan street fight' announced for WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso are set to team up again on the road to their Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions.

WWE has announced that Reigns & Uso will face Baron Corbin & Sheamus in a "Samoan street fight" on SmackDown this Friday. Reigns & Uso defeated Corbin & Sheamus in a tag match in the main event of SmackDown last week, but Reigns didn't come out for the match until it was almost over.

As Sheamus was going for a Brogue Kick in last week's match, Reigns began to make his way out to the ring with Paul Heyman. Uso gained control after Reigns' music caused a distraction. He hit a splash off the top rope on Sheamus, but Reigns tagged himself in when Uso was going for the move. Reigns then came into the ring and hit a spear on Sheamus to get the win.

Uso raised Reigns' arm in the air as they were on the stage after the match, but Reigns wasn't happy with Uso touching the arm that his Universal Championship was in.

In an interview to promote the match, Paul Heyman told Sports Illustrated that Reigns will be the first one in the ring for the Samoan street fight: "Don't be fooled thinking that this is a prediction, it’s a spoiler. There was a bit of a misunderstanding the way everything went down last week on SmackDown, but there won’t be that misunderstanding this week. Roman Reigns will enter first and declare his turf in the center of that ring.”

Uso became the number one contender to Reigns' Universal title by defeating Matt Riddle, Corbin, and Sheamus in a fatal four-way match on SmackDown two weeks ago. Uso wasn't originally announced as one of the participants for the match, but he was added after an angle where Sheamus attacked Big E earlier in the show. Uso thanked Heyman for getting him into the match, but Heyman said Reigns is his boss and it was all Reigns' idea. Clash of Champions is taking place on Sunday, September 27.