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Senate confirms Linda McMahon to lead Small Business Administration

In what was a formality given how the process had gone up until this point, Linda McMahon was confirmed as administrator of President Donald Trump's Small Business Administration on Tuesday morning.

The United States Senate voted on McMahon's nomination and confirmed her by a vote of 81-19. She was previously approved out of the Senate's Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee by an 18-1 vote.

McMahon received a healthy amount of bipartisan support, though all 19 of the votes cast against her came from the left. Independent Vermont Senator and former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders joined 18 Democrats in opposing her nomination.

In the committee hearing that took place last month, McMahon largely faced cordial questions about her view of the role of the SBA and how she would work with members of the Senate in her position. WWE's business practices were only brought up briefly, with recently elected Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth noting that she discussed her concerns with McMahon when meeting with her.

McMahon was chosen to lead the SBA by then President-elect Trump last December. The McMahon family have been longtime friends and occasional business associates of Trump, including donating $7 million to political action committees supporting his presidential campaign.