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Seth Rollins revealed as WWE 2K18 cover star

As expected, Seth Rollins announced today that he will be on the cover of WWE 2K18.

Rollins appeared on SportsCenter on ESPN2 to make the announcement. Aside from showing off the cover, Rollins didn't reveal much about the game. He hyped that it would have better graphics and a deeper roster, but said that 2K Sports is being "top secret" about some of its other aspects.

There was a backdrop behind Rollins during the appearance that had the WWE 2K18 logo and the phrase "Be Like No One," which is the slogan for the game. WWE had been posting teaser images related to various legends with the hashtag "BLN1" and "ThisMonday" to hype 2K18.

An article that ESPN posted about the cover reveal noted that the commercial for the game has Rollins in an abandoned warehouse with the memorabilia of past wrestlers. He then destroys the items, which Rollins said is to signify that he's putting his own spin on WWE history.

2K Sports took over the WWE video game series (which was previously published by THQ) in 2013. The last four cover stars were Brock Lesnar, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, John Cena, and The Rock.

WWE 2K18 will be released on October 17th. The trailer for the game is available to watch below: