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Sunday Night Heat episodes reportedly coming to WWE Network

It looks like Sunday Night Heat will be the next classic content added to the WWE Network.

On the heels of WCW Thunder and Saturday Night being uploaded, WWE Network News reported today that episodes of Heat will be coming to the Network on May 7th. The number of episodes that will be uploaded on that date hasn't been confirmed, but the report noted that they'll begin with Heat's premiere from 1998.

Heat began as an hour-long series on the USA Network in August of 1998 and went on to air on MTV, TNN/Spike TV, and WWE.com before ending its run in 2008. It started as WWE's B-show before SmackDown debuted, with Heat eventually becoming the secondary show for the Raw brand.

The most noteworthy episode of the series aired during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999, with Mick Foley winning the WWF Championship from The Rock in a pre-taped empty arena match.