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'Undertaker: The Last Ride' bonus episode coming to WWE Network

Though the series finale aired last month, more "Undertaker: The Last Ride" content is coming to the WWE Network this weekend.

WWE has announced that a bonus episode titled "Undertaker: The Last Ride: Tales from the Deadman" will premiere on the WWE Network on Sunday:

You thought you’d seen the last Last Ride? Think again.

The critically-acclaimed WWE Network series returns this Sunday as Undertaker shares even more stories from his legendary career on Undertaker: The Last Ride: Tales from the Deadman, narrated by Emmy-nominated actor and producer Timothy Olyphant.

Get ready for some incredible behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the man himself, as Undertaker recalls stories about the origins of his character, his experience on an infamous plane ride, and even that time he fought The Godfather over a hat, all accompanied by never-before-seen animation.

Don’t miss the return of Undertaker: The Last Ride, as 'Tales from The Deadman' premieres this Sunday, streaming immediately following The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, only on WWE Network.

In addition to airing on the live stream after Extreme Rules, "Tales from the Deadman" will be made available on demand on the WWE Network at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday.

"Undertaker: The Last Ride" was a five-episode docuseries and ended with The Undertaker saying he has no desire to return to the ring following his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles from WrestleMania 36. "If Vince was in a pinch, would I come back? I guess time will only tell there," Undertaker said. "In case of emergency, break glass, you pull out The Undertaker. I would have to consider that. Never say never. But at this point in my life, and in my career, I have no desire to get back in the ring,"