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US title match, Joe vs. Hardy set for next week's WWE SmackDown

Two matches are set for next week’s SmackDown.

Shinsuke Nakamura will face off against Rusev in a United States title defense. Rusev pinned Nakamura in a tag match last week that also had Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. This week, both men mocked one another, with Rusev comparing Nakamura to Sonic the Hedgehog due to his new blue attire. Nakamura countered later in the show, showing unflattering clips of Rusev on Total Divas.

Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe will go one-on-one as well. Joe interrupted Jeff Hardy’s 20 year WWE celebration a few weeks ago, bringing up his “demons” from the past. This week, Hardy and Joe got into an altercation that Hardy got the better of, sending Joe reeling.

Also announced for next week is Miz TV with Shane McMahon serving as guest. Miz has been trying to recruit him as a tag team partner ever since McMahon won the World Cup trophy at Crown Jewel.

These segments will be taped tonight in Fresno as WWE will be off the road until 12/26.