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WALTER's WWE United Kingdom title belt reportedly stolen

The WWE United Kingdom championship has reportedly been stolen.

According to a report from PWInsider, WWE United Kingdom champion WALTER’s championship belt, along with his passport, was stolen earlier today in Chicago following a smash and grab of a rental car.

The rental car reportedly belonged to Timothy Thatcher, who also had property stolen in the burglary. 

Independent wrestlers from the area told PWInsider that there has been a series of incidents similar to this recently in the Logan Square area, where both Timothy Thatcher and WALTER are competing tonight for EVOLVE.

There was an incident earlier this year where the AEW World title had disappeared from a limo Chris Jericho had rented just days after winning the championship at All Out. It was eventually recovered less than a week later by Tallahassee police.

Thatcher will face Arturo Ruas tonight at EVOLVE 142 while WALTER will face Josh Briggs in the main event in a non-title match.