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WWE announces Asuka-Sasha Banks Raw Women's title rematch

WWE has announced a match to determine the real Raw Women's Champion.

Asuka and Sasha Banks will face off for the Raw Women's Championship on next week's episode of Raw. Their match at Extreme Rules last night ended without a decisive finish. After Asuka accidentally spit green mist in the referee's eyes, Bayley interfered, put on the referee's shirt, and counted the pin for Banks. Banks left the pay-per-view with Asuka's title belt.

Stephanie McMahon appeared on tonight's Raw via video to announce Asuka and Banks' title match for next Monday. Banks challenged Asuka to come take the title belt from her, but McMahon then showed up on the video screen. She said Banks may believe that she's champion, but Banks didn't win the match. But McMahon also said that Asuka didn't win either.

McMahon announced that the title can change hands next week via pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification, or if anyone interferes.

Asuka and Banks' tag team partners faced off on Raw tonight. Kairi Sane defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley in a non-title match.

In another Extreme Rules rematch, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler on Raw next week. McIntyre will pick the stipulation for the match.