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WWE announces tournament to crown new United States Champion

After the angle where Dolph Ziggler left the title in the ring last week, WWE has announced a tournament to crown a new United States Champion.

Tonight's opening segment on SmackDown featured Daniel Bryan revealing the news. He said he's been trying to reach Ziggler all week, but he hasn't responded to Bryan's phone calls or text messages. Bryan said it appears that Ziggler has voluntarily relinquished the title. He wished Ziggler the best of luck, called him an all-time great, and announced the tournament to determine a new champion.

Bobby Roode vs. Baron Corbin was the first tournament match, with Roode advancing by pinning him with a roll-up. Jinder Mahal later advanced over Tye Dillinger by hitting the Khallas.

WWE.com lists that there will be eight wrestlers in the tournament, though it isn't clear when it will be coming to an end. It also remains to be seen if Ziggler will return before a new champion is decided.

Bryan's decision to hold a tournament was used to further the storyline of dissension between him and Shane McMahon. In a backstage segment, McMahon said that it was unfair to Corbin and Roode. Bryan responded by calling SmackDown a land of opportunity and saying he wanted more wrestlers to get a shot.