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WWE Cruiserweight Classic results: Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Nese

They showed clips from both of the bouts from last week, then went over tonight’s matches. Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcomed us to the show, putting over how great last week's episode was as we kick it to videos.

Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher believes that his style of wrestling is the best style. He’s not the biggest, but he’ll use his mind and technique. This is an opportunity for him, an opportunity to challenge himself.

Akira Tozawa says that he is energetic in the ring and will never back down. His German suplex is the best in the industry. He plans on bringing it home.

Good match. Gallagher should get another look as he got over great with these fans. Tozawa did a great job here as well. Gallagher pulled off a World of Sport bit by tying up Tozawa in a ball, then kicked him in what I believe was the butt.

Tozawa’s leg was worked on and he eventually collapsed to the floor. Gallagher went for another submission but Tozawa turned it into a cradle. He made a comeback then got the win with the deadlift German suplex

That makes it Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metalik in the quarterfinals.

Noam Dar defeated HoHo Lun

Corey Graves put over the participants for the next match, calling HoHo Lun “The Father of Hong Kong Wrestling."

Lun talked about judo classes that helped him become a competitor. He's finally made it to WWE and his friends and family can cheer for him. He’s ready to make them proud of him one more time. They put over that Noam Dar is just 22 years old in his video. He wants to be the best.

Okay match, but nothing worth talking about. Dar is just okay and while Lun has the potential to be a pretty good babyface, he didn’t come off as impressive here. Dar targeted a leg. Lun made a comeback and hit a Michinoku driver as well as a fisherman’s suplex. Dar trapped him in a kneebar and got the submission.

Dar will face either Zack Sabre Jr. or Drew Gulak in the quarterfinals.

Brian Kendrick defeated Tony Nese

Tony Nese says it’s his time to show the world, despite 31 others saying the same thing. Kendrick says he’s been wrestling since 1999 and that makes up for some of the energy these younger guys have. If he falls short in this tournament, it’s all been for nothing.

Very good TV main event match. I don't know about the result, but Nese looked really good here and should also get another look by WWE. Kendrick's advancing is to further his story, which at least makes sense.

Nese was on offense early, letting Kendrick have it outside the ring. Nese cartwheeled out of Kendrick’s way then superkicked him. Kendrick took the advantage when Nese somehow got his hand caught on the turnbuckle. Kendrick beelined towards the arm area, working on it to take down Nese.

Nese came back with a giant Fosbury flop to the outside. Nese went on a giant wave of offense here, including a big buckle bomb. Kendrick trapped him in the head choke but Nese escaped and hit a sitout powerslam. Nese missed the 450 splash and Kendrick got the head choke in, with Nese giving in this time and submitting.

Kendrick will move on to the quarterfinals against Kota Ibushi.

Next week: We finish off the second round as Lince Dorado faces Rich Swann, Zack Sabre Jr. takes on Drew Gulak, and Johnny Gargano squares off against TJ Perkins to determine the final eight.

A good show this week. The main event was really good, and the opener was good as well. The second match was what it was.