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WWE Main Event results: Jason Jordan vs. Aiden English; Kane vs. Fandango

WWE Main Event

This week's episode was taped before Tuesday night's Smackdown show.

Kane def. Fandango (w/Tyler Breeze)

Fandango shushes the crowd and they boo in return. Fandango admires his and Breeze’s outfits. Breeze calls Fandango “Dango.” They both look great. The crowd is mad, but Breeze calls them “peasants.”

Kane, having fallen on hard times since losing his job as Director of Operations, has moved back in with his family, and Daddy Devil is making his favorite demon wear the mask again.

Kane looks pissed, so Dango and Breeze offer him a shirt. Breeze attempts to take Kane’s measurements. Kane slaps Breeze, punches Fandango, and clotheslines Breeze out of the ring. The bell rings and Breeze distracts Kane. Fandango runs up from behind and attacks Kane. He beats Kane into the corner, but Kane punches him. Breeze jumps on the apron, and gets punched by Kane. Dango rolls up Kane for two.

Kane hits a sidewalk slam. Dango crawls to the corner, Kane rushes an attack but Dango hits him with a back elbow. Dango jumps from the second rope but Kane catches him and sets up for the chokeslam. Breeze runs in and Kane locks them both in a double chokeslam. He hits it and pins Dango for the win.

After the match, Kane sets off the pyro in the corners. 

Jason Jordan def. Aiden English (w/Simon Gotch)

They lock up, and momentum shifts back and forth. Jordan hits a belly to back takedown and covers for one. They fight back and forth some more. English smashes Jordan’s arm over the top rope. He takes the fight to his arm and screams, "This is what a man looks like.”

He goes back to the arm, stands on it, does squats, then covers him. English locks in an armbar and screams that he is the “alpha male.”

The crowd cheers Jordan to his feet, but English beats him right back down, tucks his arm under Jordan’s body and climbs the top rope. He attempts the senton but misses. Jordan mounts a comeback and hits a bunch of power moves, then a belly to belly. He drops his straps and runs for the spear. Gotch pulls English out of the ring, allowing English to cheap shot Jordan.

English climbs the top rope and jumps right into a half-nelson alpha-plex. Jordan covers for the win.