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WWE Network WrestleMania season subscriber growth surpasses 2016

The WWE released its subscriber information today regarding the WWE Network and the WrestleMania build and season was more successful in growth than last year.

Concentrating on actual paid subscriptions, the network has 1,661,000 subscribers as of today, broken down as 1,237,000 in the United States and 424,000 over the rest of the world.

With all the different free offers to bring back older subscribers and create new subscribers, there were 280,000 free subscribers as of today between the one and three months free numbers, which breaks down as 215,000 free in the U.S. and 65,000 free outside the U.S., meaning total subscribers were 1,949,000.

There were also some lower priced bargain subscriptions and actual revenues and how that all ads up won't be available until the quarterly conference call that will take place toward the end of this month or first week of May.

Last year on the day after WrestleMania, the network had 1,109,000 subscribers in the U.S. and 345,000 outside the U.S. The greater outside the U.S. increase was because of adding new markets, but now the network is available worldwide everywhere except China, which got Mania for the first time on iPPV. George Barrios was asked today about the China numbers but didn't answer that question.

The year-over-year increase was 11.5 percent in the U.S. and 22.9 percent outside the U.S., but that also adds in new markets.

Had growth been identical with last year during the same season, the U.S. number would have been 1,202,000 paid and the international number would have been 438,000 and total would have been 1,640,000. So overall this period was more successful than last year in creating new paid subscribers by a very slight margin.