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WWE NXT results (10/14): Apollo Crews, 21-man Battle Royal, Bayley, Nia Jax debut

Apollo Crews

The champ is here to start the show. Well a different champ. The winner of the first women's Iron Man Match in WWE history. The winner of the first time a women's match main evented a WWE special. Bayley is here, much to the delight of all 300 people. The fans gave her a standing ovation and chanted both her name and “Match of the Year” before she had a chance to talk.

She thanked Dusty Rhodes for being a big part in her career, also stating that being in the main event is something she dreamed about since she was a little girl. She did say “we have started a whole new level in the Diva's Revolution”, which was the only time she said something that sounded forced. The fans chanted “women's wrestling”, which she encouraged.

This brought out Alexa Bliss, Blake & Murphy. Alexa said what happened last week was incredible and she was in awe watching the match, stating that no one deserved to be champion more than her. Alexa said she truly was an incredible champion and that the future for the women in NXT has no limit. She almost broke down into fake tears as she raised Bayley's hand and stole her championship.

Blake and Murphy stood in Bayley's way as Alexa cut a promo saying she is going to take her championship. Alexa did throw the belt back at Bayley before leaving.


Last week, The Camera Man caught up with Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, but before they could say anything, William Regal ran up to congratulate them. Joe said it's been a pleasure and an honor to be Finn's partner. Joe said he has been undefeated since he got to NXT and wants a shot at the championship. Finn agreed to it, but Mr. Regal said no. Instead last week he announced that next week (tonight) there would be a battle royal for the #1 Contender status.

Joe was mad, but respectful, in saying he should be getting a title shot. Mr. Regal cut him off and said there will be a battle royal. Tye Dillinger, Apollo Crews and Rhyno all said they would win the battle royal in separate promos. Rhyno mentioned he was the last ECW Champion and Tye said he was the only Perfect 10.


NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillians defeated Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins

17 minutes (and 5 promos) into the show and we finally got our first match. The reigning tag team champions are here and they didn't even get out of the second round of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Tonight their foes are Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins. Sawyer has that cross Sheamus wears tattooed into his chest and Dawkins is dressed in similar gear to Jordan & Gable.

Fulton and Dawkins got more offense than they ever have on tv, but that really isn't saying much. They got the heat on English and Gotch knocked one of Dawkins headbands off with a side suplex. The champs won in 3 minutes with the Whirling Dervish.

Dash and Dawson cut a promo backstage about how they defeated The Vaudevillians in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, so that makes them the #1 Contender's. Hooray logic! Actually it turns out they have to face Enzo and Cass for some reason, so boo lack of logic! Devin Taylor was the interviewer and I guess this was her last taping. I'll miss her and it's too bad we never got the battle with her and Dana Brooke.

Speaking of Dana, last week she was being worked over after Asuka whooped her when Asuka came up and patted her on the head mockingly. Dana thought she had won the match and was bragging to that effect while Emma patted her on the arm.


Nia Jax defeated Evie

It took her 8 weeks, but Nia Jax has finally arrived. Evie looks a lot like Tough Enough winner Sara Lee, but thankfully it wasn't her. I did do a smidge of research on Evie and she actually wrestles under the name Evie in New Zealand and recently got a WWE tryout.

The fans began counting like they used to do for Baron Corbin, but they quit quickly. Nia's first move was this bear hug where she jumped up and down while squeezing her foe. That should have been her finish. In case you have never seen her, Nia is a very large, very thick woman and could be WWE's Awesome Kong if she stays healthy.

Evie got more offense than Nia, although that was mostly so Nia could no sell it. Nia won with a Spinebuster Slam. She really should have used that bear hug.

One guy in the crowd (and a few people on Twitter) shouted “Rock Bottom”, but it really wasn't the same.


A video package for the Sasha-Bayley match aired. They interviewed Becky, Charlotte, Stephanie and Hunter, who all put the match over big.

Tyler Breeze and Baron Corbin both said they would win the battle royal.

Eva Marie is in Paris, taking a personal vacation after her grueling (to watch) matches.


Apollo Crews won a 21-man #1 Contender's Battle Royal, last eliminating Baron Corbin

It is the third battle royal in NXT history! Bo Dallas won the first one in May 2013 and then in May 2014 they had this ridiculous finish where Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd all went over at the same time, which was mistimed and Breeze legit won, but was called a draw.

Rhyno, Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe were the only ones to get a televised entrance.

Order of elimination was Steve Cutler, Danny Birch, Elias Sampson, Johnny Gargano, Riddick Moss, Colin Cassady, Dash Wilder, Scott Dawson, Enzo Amore, Tye Dillinger, Bull Dempsey, Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder, Rhyno, Tommaso Ciampa, Blake, Murphy, Tyler Breeze, Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin

I am so used to WWE battle royals which everyone unimportant is eliminated in 3 minutes that it was weird to see them go several minutes before anyone got eliminated. Apollo Crews eliminated the first four men, including heaving Gargano onto Cutler, Birch and Sampson. For what it's worth the last time they did an NXT battle royal the first 5 guys eliminated were cut from their developmental deals. The fans popped when Enzo tossed Dash & Dawson by himself and quickly died when Tye immediately threw Enzo out. Baron and Rhyno continued their partnership for about 10 minutes...until Baron tossed Rhyno with 9 men left. Dummy. Why didn't he wait until it came down to two? Maybe he realized that almost never works.

The final four were Crews, Corbin, Joe and Breeze. Ever notice in almost every Royal Rumble there is that one guy in the final four that appears to be horribly out of place? Like Billy Gunn in 2001 and Mr Perfect in 2002? I think Tyler Breeze won the “Billy Gunn Award” in this battle royal. Joe actually got booed for eliminating Breeze and Tyler didn't want to leave.

Joe almost gave Corbin the Muscle Buster, but got thrown over the top onto the apron. Joe kicked Corbin's head out of his head but Tyler Breeze tripped Joe up, yanking him off the apron and eliminating him! The fans actually cheered Breeze for doing that.

Corbin and Crews worked really good together and I can't wait to see them have an actual match together. Corbin kept throwing Crews over the top, but Apollo would land on the apron. The fans chanted “Corbin sucks” to the tune of New Day Sucks. That gave Crews his second wind. He made his comeback, but Baron got the knees up on the standing moonsault. Crews came back with several kicks to the head and shockingly won by clotheslining Corbin out!

That does it for this week. Finn Balor, your future is here and his name is Apollo Crews. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!