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WWE RAW live results: Extreme Rules go-home show with Styles-Reigns, Ambrose-Jericho

The Big Takeaway:

Another show built around Shane and Stephanie ruling the roost. They ordered two separate matches, presided over a contract signing that was the main event segment and ended with Stephanie decking Ric Flair in Greensboro. The show had two very good tag team matches but lagged during the final hour. 

Show Recap: 

The Usos will face Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows later tonight. A.J. Styles came out and said he was tired of Roman Reigns calling him a liar, and well as various places he's gone to and social media. Styles showed off tweets from fans who thought Styles' relationship with Anderson and Gallows was a ploy to make him WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Styles talked about headlining the Tokyo Dome in front of 60,000 fans, and he didn't need any help getting to the top. 

Reigns came out. "What an ovation!" screamed JBL as thunderous boos echoed in the background and Reigns walked past a "When it Reigns, it Bores" sign. Reigns said Styles has won championship after championship, but if you ask him, it doesn't matter unless he's wearing THE championship. Fans chanted for Seth Rollins, which seemed to iritate Reigns. Reigns said he would be in the Usos corner, and asked Styles if he was going to be in the Club's corner? Styles said he would.

Styles said Reigns was THE guy who he was going to beat this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Reigns said Styles couldn't beat him one-on-one, and the Usos would be at ringside with him to prove that the bloodline could beat the clubline. Anderson & Gallows came out. The Usos ran out from the crowd to join Reigns and Reigns punched Styles out of the ring just as Styles was about to strike. It appeared security was confiscasting anti-Reigns signs during this segment because they cut to tight shots of Reigns face while guards worked around ringside.  

Cesaro and Sami Zayn went to a no contest (1:40)

Kevin Owens and the Miz were at ringside. After Sami Zayn sent Cesaro out of the ring, Owens got up from the commentary table and acted like he was going to leave, but attacked Miz instead. The two ended up in the ring, where Owens and Zayn brawled, as did Cesaro and Miz. 

This led to Shane McMahon coming out to a big pop. He arranged for Zayn and Cesaro to team against Miz and Owens. Then Stephanie McMahon came out. She changed the match to Zayn and Owens vs. Miz and Cesaro, and if Owens walked out, he would lose his spot in the Fatal Four Way at Extreme Rules. 

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeated the Miz and Cesaro (10:47) 

Zayn pinned the Miz after the Helluva Kick. Miz and Cesaro starting arguing, and it led to Cesaro giivng him the Skull Crushing Finale. After Zayn got the pin, Owens gave him a superkick, then proclaimed himself the winner of the match. Owens was the straw that stirred this drink and was very entertaining. He even got a run wild sequence that included a Cannonball on Cesaro, which the fans went nuts for. Byron Saxton said "I can't believe we're seeing Zayn and Owens teaming together." Aside from the decade they spent teaming together in ROH and other indys, I totally agree. Reminded me of watching WWE Superstars back in the day and Gorilla Monsoon would call Lanny Poffo a youngster after he had wrestled for 15 years. 

Renee Young asked Chris Jericho in his dressing room about Dean Ambrose requesting a meeting with him tonight. Jericho said he wanted Ambrose to apologize for destroying his $15,000 jacket last week, which was as much an institution in the WWE as Andre the Giant. He talked about how the jacket belonged in the Smithsonian. 

The Shining Stars defeated Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy (1:33) 

Epico pinned Brian Kennedy with the Shining Star, which is the old Total Elimination. Since they were in Greensboro, this was your basic 1980s squash match that aired on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling every Saturday night. Even the jobbers names sounded like something that Bob Caudle would say. A word has yet to be created to adequately describe the indifference the crowd had for the Shining Stars in their debut, whose gimmick is they beat up guys from the host cities hometown to prove Puerto Rico is the most beautiful place on Earth. Before we go comparing this to the Reverend D-Von, Kane's twin brother and Outback Jack, let's remember the New Day was the least over thing in this company 18 months ago. 

OK, I'm done pretending. These guys couldn't get heat in Texas wearing Jose Bautista jerseys. 

Ambrose came out. There was an angle on SmackDown where Jericho put Ambrose in a straight jacket, and Ambrose said he felt something in his head that snapped a little. He called Jericho out. Jericho came out and ordered Ambrose to apologize for his jacket, which he called an important part of his legacy. Jericho actually was a heel trying to get heat. And he got it. Remarkable. 

Ambrose said he wasn't apologizing and challenged him to a match at Extreme Rules. Jericho said he would take $15,000 out of Ambrose's ass. Ambrose asked if Jericho was sure. Jericho said people liked to call Ambrose a lunatic, but he was a lunatic because there was no one in the company crazier than him. He's faced every fighter the company has thrown at him for 17 years and is a 6-time world champion. Jericho said he would punish Ambrose with no remorse, with a smile on his face and without a tear in his eye. Jericho did his new catchphrase of "The gift of Jericho. Drink it in." 

Ambrose said he had a gift for Jericho. A cage came down from the roof with this music that sounded like the "Psycho" theme. Ambrose said he talked to Shane and Ambrose got to have the first-ever Asylum match. It was a cage match with a straight jacket, a barbed wire 2x4, the ghost of Mitch the Plant, a fire extinguisher, a strap, a mop and bucket and various other objects. Ambrose said there would be no escaping the cage and Jericho would never, ever be the same again. 

Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch (3:41) 

Brooke won when Becky Lynch attempted a sunset flip, but Brooke sat down. Weird spot early in Lynch jumped off the apron for a double axehandle that appeared to connect, but wasn't supposed to. Brooke then had to no-sell it and threw Lynch into the dasherboards. Brooke was shown earlier being snobby to a guy, saying if he worked out and dressed better, maybe she would take him seriously. Lynch has become the jobber Diva, it appears. 

Bob Backlund appeared as Darren Young's life coach. Backlund asked Young what time it was. Young pulled out his phone. Backlund thought he was going to call the operator and ask what time it was. Young talked about trying to organize the Desktop on his phone. Backlund thought he meant organizing his desk by putting a calendar over it. Backlund ordered him to do 200 squats. And that's how the second "Make Darren Young Great Again" skit ended. Well, the newest Young push is still more alive than Ted Cruz's campaign. 

Shane watched this unfold. Stephanie wanted to know why Shane didn't run the whole Asylum match by her. Shane wondered why didn't Stephanie run by changing the tag team match by him. Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley came in. Bubba Ray said they've heard about the New Era, but they wanted to show what guys from the Attitude era. Devon Dudley wanted to face two little guys from North Carolina and rough them up. Shane spoke up and said one of the Dudleys could face Big Cass. The Dudleys could pick out which one would get the honors. Shane got to do Enzo Amore's catchphrase. 

Breezango defeated The Golden Truth (1:55) 

Tyler Breeze pinned Goldust after R-Truth accidentally hit Goldust with a flying side kick. Breezango is Tyler Breeze and Fandango, who turned on their respective partners on SmackDown. The Golden Truth got a big introduction video that was twice as long as the match, showing how this debut was six months in the making. Naturally, they lost and teased dissension, which we saw earlier from two other teams. 

Goldust was mad at Truth afterwards. Truth said they need to get their timing together. Fandango and Breeze dropped by to laugh at them. At first, Goldust was unsure if Truth would be a good partner, but after Breezango laughed at them, he agreed they should remain a team and get revenge. 

The New Day came out. It looked like fans had Booty-O boxes left and right. Kofi Kingston said he didn't understand why the Vaudevillains said a bygone era was a better era. They pulled off a huge box that Xavier Woods claimed was a Delorian time machine. Big E. tried to claim it was really a large refrigerator box with a keyboard that was really sticky, but Woods wouldn't let him finish. T

hey got inside the box and it was pretty funny. The machine went back in time and Kofi Kingston's old Jamacian "S.O.S' music started playing. Kingston started doing his old Jamacian accent. Woods said they didn't go back far enough. They got back in the box and Kofi's smartphone had turned into a old camera with a light bulb on top. Aiden English and Simon Gotch then ran up from behind and jumped the New Day, giving Woods and Kingstgon the Whirling Dervish. 

The Usos defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (12:46) 

Very good match, better than the first match of the night. After the Usos hit double superkicks on Anderson and Gallows, Jey Uso pinned Anderson after a splash. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Jey for a very good near fall. Styles and Reigns were at ringside in opposing corners. A group of fans were still chanting for Rollins. Jey Uso has so much charisma, his hot tag won the crowd over, even with Reigns at ringside. 

Postmatch, Gallows hit Reigns from behind. This led to the Usos and Anderson/Gallows brawling again, where Anderson threw Jey Uso into the steps. Styles was left in the ring trying to use the chair against Reigns, but Reigns caught Styles with an uppercut before he could. Reigns hit Styles with the chair across the back. Gallows and Anderson ran in, only to each take Superman Punches. Styles recovered to deliver three chair shots across Reigns' back. Then Styles delivered the Styles Clash onto the chair on Reigns to sizeable cheers. 

Big Cass defeated Devon Dudley (:59) 

Big Cass won with the East River Crossing, or the old Chris Harris Catatonic. Cass did a prematch promo where he compared Devon to Urkel from Family Matters and Bubba Ray to Fred Flintstone. 

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kalisto (C) in a nontitle match (11:05)

Sin Cara watched the match from the back when Rusev jumped him with a superkick, then dragged him to ringside. That got the crowd interested because they would get to see Lana, who got chants. Once Rusev showed up at ringside, Kalisto was distracted, giving Alberto Del Rio the opening to hit the backstabber for the pin. Earlier, Kalisto tried to hit a huracanrana off the apron, but Del Rio slung him into the barricade. 

Postmatch, Rusev attacked Kalisto, giving him the Accolade when he bent as far as humanly possible. Rusev grabbed the U.S. Championship and threw on a prone Kalisto. 

Stephanie and Shane were in the ring for the contract signing for Charlotte vs. Natalya for the WWE Women's Championship match at Extreme Rules. Shane got "Shane O'Mac" chants. She was about to introduce Charlotte when Ric Flair interrupted her and introduced his daughter. Michael Cole gave a rundown of Flair's career in Greensboro, mentioning his first match in the Greensboro Coliseum was against Chuck O'Connor, who would go on to be Big John Studd. Sadly, Cole also mentioned Flair's last match in Greensboro, in 2008 against HHH. That will forever go down as the night HHH refused to job in Flair's last match in Greensboro, opting for a lame DQ finish where William Regal ran in to punch HHH with brass knux. 

Natalya came out and said Charlotte was once someone she respected and had integrity. Natalya said Charlotte even defeated her for Charlotte's first NXT championship without the help of her creepy father. Natalya said that is the Charlotte she would like to beat at Extreme Rules, but that person doesn't exist. Charlotte replied that Natalya was delusional, and the fans weren't there to cheer for her, they were there for Charlotte.

It was meant to be a heel interview, as Charlotte said she could punch all of their best friends in the face and they would still cheer for her because they worship the ground that she walks on. Charlotte proclaimed herself as a living, breathing goddess. Those lines got the crowd against her, but it wasn't genuine heat. Charlotte gave Natalya a "Whoo." Ric started to say "Whoo," but Charlotte told him to start because it was her ring. Charlotte said this was a waste of her time to talk about how bad she would be Natalya and asked to sign the deal. Charlotte looked at the contract, then asked "What is this?" 

Shane included an added stipulation that if Ric even walks down to the ring, then Charlotte would forfeit the WWE Women's Championship. Why was this news? Stephanie made that stipulation two weeks ago. 

At that point, Shane brought security down to escort Flair away. Stephanie said if Charlotte didn't sign the contract, then she would forfeit the championship. So Charlotte was essentially forced into the match. Charlotte signed the deal. 

Flair got pissed at Stephanie, saying she was the worst businesswoman of all time. Shane tried to calm him down. Flair then took off his watch and his coat, acting like he was going to square off against Shane, who tried to let cooler heads prevail. Stephanie stepped between Shane and said he may have respect for Flair, but she doesn't. Stephanie did slapped Flair, who had to take a delayed bump. This led to audible "Stephanie" chants that sure did come and go quickly. 

Security stepped in to keep Flair out of the ring. Meanwhile, Natalya put Charlotte in the sharpshooter and Charlotte tapped out. Basically another segment to get the McMahons over. 


How can a show be bad when it has A.J. Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and some very good tag teams? When it turns into another episode of "The McMahons," which this show became after the first hour. They just can't help themselves. The Styles/Reigns buildup was very good.