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WWE RAW live results: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

The Big Takeaway: Mainly tying up loose ends for the Money in the Bank PPV. While Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns had a faceoff to build their main event match, Dean Ambrose teased potentially winning the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashing it in that night to beat one of his former Shield mates. The relationship between Shane and Stephanie McMahon is growing more prickly as they bickered throughout the show. Charlotte and Dana Brooke are teasing a breakup after a whole month together. Last half of the show was driven by the six Money in the Bank participants. Really, the program was focused on trying to get Ambrose to be taken seriously again instead of a comedy figure. 

Show Recap: 

As trivial as it may seem at a time like this, Raw will have its go-home show for Money in the Bank tonight in New Orleans. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are expected back for the final push for their main event match at the PPV. After the curious decision to air that Rollins video last week, the question isn't how much will he be cheered, but how much? Was last week any indication that they're finally willing to give up the ghost on Reigns being a babyface?

This is also another show going head-to-head with the NBA Playoffs. Last time that happened was two weeks ago and it led to a wrestling-oriented program where Shane and Stephanie McMahon were limited to cameos. Last week was full of interviews, so perhaps they'll even it up tonight. 

Our coverage starts at 8 ET. 

To open the show, the entire roster lined up on the ramp for a moment of silence to honor the 49 killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting. Again, Vince and Stephanie McMahon appeared but no HHH, who was in England over the weekend at the Download Festival hosting an NXT show. He also was the first recipient of the "Spirit of Lemmy Award" in honor of Lemmy Kilmister. 

The New Day came out and discussed their title defense in a Fatal Fourway. Xavier Woods noticed that Kofi Kingston was wearing Stephen Curry's Under Armour's ridiculed shoes. Kingston joked Kingston was wearing the "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up 12s."

Enzo and Big Cass showed up. When Enzo Amore asked "How you doin'?," New Day muttered they were doing fine. Cass said they were going all-in in Vegas and walking out with the WWE Tag Team titles. Cass asked Kingston if he was serious with those "Jerry Seinfeld joints" he had going. Cass talked about Francesca 2, the trombone, and asked where was Woods' girl last night? Cass said Francesca 2 was with Enzo last night, and he had his lips all over her. Enzo said he had Franny on Bourbon Street, where he played her like Louie Armstrong. He said "Enzo Satchmo had her going all night long." Basically, Amore was dropping lots of double entendres straight from 1980s Ric Flair promos, except this was about a musical instrument. Woods said "I'm the only one who blows my girl." 

Enzo and Woods teased a verbal showdown before the Vaudevillains interrupted them. Aiden English sang like the leader of a barbershop quartet about how they were going to be the new champions. Then Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows finally came out to say they were going to be the new champions. Gallows said it would be easier than scoring a touchdown on the New Orleans Saints. This built up an eight-man tag for the night's opening match. 

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and the Vaudevillains defeated The New Day and Enzo & Cass (13:27)

Gallows pinned Kingston after a Magic Killer. Kingston tried an O'Connor Roll on Karl Anderson, but Gallows had just made a blind tag. Action spilled out to the floor at the finish, where Big E gave English a belly-to-booty suplex. The highlight was Kingston doing a spectacular flip tope over the post onto English and Simon Gotch that the crowd loved. First spot was English trying to flip Kingston, who landed on his feet and he pointed to the Curry shoes for a pop. Pretty good match, but this crowd was dead most of the way and we still have 2.5 hours to go. 

Tonight's series of flashback clips feature the rise of the Shield. They opened with the Shield's debut at Survivor Series 2012, which they also aired last week during the Seth Rollins profile. 

Life Lessons with Bob Backlund featured Backlund asking how Young was going to celebrate many of his upcoming wins. Young said he was going to bring back the Millions of Dollars dance. Backlund said his next lesson would be about saving money. Young asked Backland how he saved money. Backlund said this was his only pair of clothes. Young asked if that was his only pair of underwear? Backlund screamed "You gotta want it!" 

Shane McMahon walked in with Stephanie talking on the phone. Tensions are rising again. They argued over who would get Raw and who would get SmackDown. Stephanie wanted both. Shane said she and HHH ran both into the ground. Corporate Kane showed up and offered his services, and handed him his resume and a letter of recommendation from the Undertaker. Stephanie left Shane alone to talk to Kane, who dropped as many references to fire as possible to let us all know he's also the Demon Kane. 

Zack Ryder talked to some unknown backstage visitors about Apollo Crews hitting Sheamus from behind on Smackdown when Sheamus walked up. Sheamus said he would give Crews a Sheamus kick and make him a joke. Ryder blurted out "Hey Apollo!" Sheamus turned his head in concern, but Crews wasn't there. When he turned around, Ryder was gone. Sheamus vowed to kick Ryder's head off tonight while the visitors chuckled at him. 

The next Shield flashback was their face turn against HHH, Randy Orton and Bautista from 2014. 

The Shining Stars did a vignette saying they take care of the beaches of Puerto Rico and don't litter, unlike the trash infected beaches of America. 

Titus O'Neal made his ring entrance for a match when Rusev jumped him from behind. As Lana watched on from the background, Rusev put him in the Accolade several times before a group of referees ordered him off. Rusev screamed over a fallen O'Neal that he was the champion. 

Next Shield highlight was Rollins turn on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. This was to set up the Ambrose Asylum with Reigns and Rollins, and really to reestablish Rollins as the heel again in the program. 

They showed a tweet from HHH congratulating the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins, who will be sent a gorgeous WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt with the Penguins logo on it. 

Ambrose came out and said the Ambrose Asylum was back by popular demand. He put over the entire Money in the Bank card then brought out Rollins and Reigns. Rollins got roundly cheered despite Ambrose calling him the "scum of the Earth." Reigns got mostly booed, and Ambrose had to clap into the microphone for him to drown out the jeers. 

Ambrose was smiling and clapping as Reigns and Rollins stared at each other. Ambrose asked Rollins how his knee was doing? Rollins curtly said if Ambrose had seen his documentary on the WWE Network? He said his knee was fine. Ambrose asked how was Rollins' face? Rollins didn't know what he was talking about. Ambrose said Rollins' face was killing him. 

Reigns spoke up briefly but was drowned out by booing. He said it was fun on Bourbon Street last night. Rollins looked wary of Ambrose and Reigns, and Ambrose called him a party pooper. Rollins brought up past memories of beating Team Hell No and the New Age Outlaws. Rollins smiled and brought up seeing Ambrose passed out beside a dumpster one night in Salt Lake City. 

Rollins said the best times inside the ring came with the Shield. He even brought up beating Bautista, and Dave hasn't been seen since. Then Rollins said his best ever moment in the ring was when he took a chair and hit Ambrose and Reigns to end the Shield. That was supposed to get him booed. It didn't. 

Ambrose asked Reigns what we can expect on Sunday. Reigns said the big dog would walk in as champ and the big dog would walk out as champ. Rollins said he was never defeated as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Ambrose tried to keep the two from fighting. Reigns said if Rollins was the champion, why does he have the belt? Actually, he said "this." 

Rollins said Reigns has the championship because he beat Ambrose. He beat Sheamus and he beat HHH. But Reigns has never beaten Rollins. Rollins said Reigns would have never won the championship without him. On the other hand, Rollins said everything he's accomplished, he's done on his own. And he will win the championship on his own. Ambrose brought up J&J Security, the Authority, Kane, etc. 

Reigns said Rollins was right. Rollins broke up the Shield on his own. But the Shield had Rollins' back, the only ones who did. And for what reason? So he could hog the spotlight. After Sunday, fans would call Reigns "the guy" not because he's the champ, but because he beat Rollins. Ambrose wrapped up the segment by saying he could win the Money in the Bank contract on Sunday, and whether it's Reigns or Rollins, he could cash in on Sunday to walk out as champion. 

As Ambrose's music played, Rollins pushed Ambrose into Reigns. Rollins punched Ambrose. Reigns gave Rollins a Superman Punch. Then Ambrose gave Reigns a kick to the stomach and Dirty Deeds and ended the segment looking up at the Money in the Bank briefcase. Good segment with the best mic work from Reigns since he became champion. 

John Cena was shown talking to Shane backstage. Cena will have a contract signing with A.J. Styles later tonight. 

Stephanie met Ambrose in the back. She mentioned that Shane was the one who brought back the Ambrose Asylum. Stephanie said that Ambrose would face Chris Jericho later tonight. It led to Ambrose saying that Stephanie had a lot of hatred and bile flowing through her veigns. Stephanie said having hatred within you can be a good thing if you know how to use it. 

Paige defeated Charlotte (C) in a nontitle match (2:28) 

Charlotte went for the Figure Eight, but Paige kicked her out of the ring. Dana Brooke threw Charlotte right back in the ring, where Paige gave her the Rampage for the pin. They're already teasing a Brooke-Charlotte breakup. Natalya and Becky Lynch were at ringside on commentary. This leads to Charlotte & Brooke vs. Natalya & Lynch on Sunday. Charlotte took the face first Flair flop, which the crowd enjoyed.

Cesaro did an interview with Renee Young. Sami Zayn walked in, which made Cesaro mad.  Cesaro said he was acting like a child. Zayn said, as far as he was concerned, they were equals. Cesaro said he's been in the WWE for four years, while Zayn has been in the WWE for four months. He said Zayn still has a lot to prove and he should start tonight. 

Backstage, Charlotte chewed out Brooke for costing her the match. Charlotte said she gave Brooke a chance to be part of her legacy, but if she makes the same mistake again on Sunday, there will be no room for her in the history book she's writing. 

Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder (1:54)

Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. He put punches and boots to Ryder until Crews ran out. Crews scored a double-leg takedown, knocked him out of the ring with a forearm and Sheamus ran out through the crowd. 

Another series of flashbacks, this one featurin famous monents from Money in the Bank. The opener was from 2010 Kane winning the briefcase, then cashing it in to defeat Rey Mysterio 50 minutes later. He's still the only man to win the briefcase and the world championship on the same night. 

O'Neal was shown in an Ad Council PSA paying Go Fish with his kids. 

Kane talked with Shane backstage when Kevin Owens showed up. Owens wanted to see Stephanie, but when he heard she wasn't around, he said that Alberto Del Rio only showed up to the building 20 minutes ago. Owens felt Del Rio should be taken out of the Money in the Bank match. Del Rio then walked in and said someone called airport security on him, which caused him to be held up for five hours. Del Rio blamed Owens. The two started jawing at each other with Del Rio speaking Spanish and Owens speaking French. Finally, Kane spoke up and ordered them to team together tonight against the Lucha Dragons. If the Lucha Dragons won, they would get Owens and Del Rio's spot in the Money in the Bank match. Owens didn't like the idea, but Shane did and it was done. 

Sami Zayn defeated Cesaro (8:11) 

Very good match where Zayn won with the Code Red. Fans got into it after Cesaro did his suplex from the apron into the ring. Had the most crowd heat of the night. Cesaro knocked Zayn to the floor early, blocking a springboard move with an uppercut. Zayn had a look on his face after he scored the finisher that put over the importance of finally getting a win on Raw. 

There was a new feature called WWE Technology, which showed off the company's video production truck. They also put over using green power to energize the trucks. 

Cena came out for the contract signing with Styles. Cena said Money in the Bank might as well be WrestleMania, which wasn't the first time someone has made that comparison tonight. Cena said for 15 years, people have wondered what would happen if he faces Styles. He said he loved the WWE, but year after year, the decision makers in the company said Styles didn't belong. But through Ring of Honor, PWG and New Japan (using those names on the air), Styles has proven he belongs. Cena said he's won 15 world championships,  but Styles has won more over a 15-year span. Now, Styles has been given a chance thanks to Shane McMahon and that this would be a history making match. 

Cena said the contract signing would be a little different tonight and told Michael Cole to leave. There was a table set up with a chair in the ring. Styles came out and there were the usual dueling chants. Styles said he turned Cena's world around two weeks ago. At Money in the Bank, he would do it again. Styles said he would be the one saying "You can't see me" because Cena couldn't beat him. 

Cena explained that there were two contracts on the table. One would guarantee a singles match between Cena and Styles with the Club barred from ringside. The other contract would have Cena vs. Styles with the Club allowed at ringside. If Styles signed the one that included the Club, it would prove how much of a bitch Styles truly is. But if he signed the one-on-one match with the Club barred from ringside. they would finally have an answer to the question of what if Styles faced Cena. 

Styles brought up what would happen if Styles had been in the WWE 15 years ago? Then Cena wouldn't have been a 15-time world champion, wouldn't have won the Royal Rumble twice, wouldn't be in movies and wouldn't be on the cover of magazines. Cena screamed enough. He said he had heard the same routine from dozens of independent geeks for years and that Styles' Club wasn't full of bullets, it was full of bull. Cena said it was time for Styles to man up and try to prove him wrong. Cena said if Styles signed the contract with the Club, then they would need to put Styles on a fast track on Japan because he left his balls in Japan. Styles signed the contract for a one-on-one match with no Club at ringside and Cena followed.  

Styles said this independent geek would beat Cena's K-Mart shopping ass and prove it Sunday. 

They aired highlights of the 2013 Money in the Bank, captured by Orton. He used it to defeat Daniel Bryan a month later. 

Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio defeated Lucha Dragons to keep their spot in the Money in the Bank match (8:25) 

Owens and Del Rio argued and nearly came to blows throughout the match. Kalisto used Salida del Sol on Del Rio, leading to the hot tag to Sin Cara. Owens was forced to use a save after Cara hit Del Rio with a Swanton, then dragged Del Rio to the corner for a tag. Kalisto attempted a tope on Del Rio, who threw Kalisto into the dasherboards. Owens pinned Cara with the Pop-Up Power Bomb. Del Rio gave Owens a Superkick afterwards and spit on him.  

The Miz did another Facebook interview from the set of the Marine 5: Battleground. A stagehand gave him coffee, which Miz said was too cold.

Owens complained to Stephanie about Del Rio giving him a cheap shot. Stephanie listened to him instead of burying him. Owens said Zayn was going to be a commentary for the Ambrose-Jericho main event and asked if he could join him. Stephanie approved it. Del Rio walked up, said Owens was kissing up to Stephanie and demanded to be on commentary, as well. Stephanie said Del Rio could be guest timekeeper instead. Del Rio and Owens argued some more. 

Shane and Stephanie bickered about their respective decision making. Shane said Cesaro will be the guest ring announcer for the main event. Stephanie said that Kane would be the wrong choice to run SmackDown. Kane walked in and Shane broke the news to him that he would not be running SmackDown. Kane asked if Shane's decision was based on the whole "Jumper cables to the testicles" thing. Shane said it didn't. Finally, Shane said Stephanie could run Raw, but he was going to run SmackDown this Thursday.

During Jericho's ring entrance, Cesaro said he originally was from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but currently lives in Stupid, Idiotville. He went on to say that Ambrose looked like he had just rolled out of bed. 

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho (11:53) 

Jericho got the Walls of Jericho but Ambrose made the ropes. After the elbow clothesline, Ambrose blocked the Codebreaker and won with Dirty Deeds. Owens largely stole the show on commentary putting down Byron Saxton. Del Rio held the bell hammer meancingly throughout the match, but never used it.  

Owens ran in and jumped Ambrose afterwards. Zayn jumped on Owens, but Del Rio gave Zayn the back stabber. Cesaro ran in and gave Del Rio a springboard uppercut. Del Rio and Cesaro brawled around ringside. Meanwhile, Owens pulled out a ladder, but Ambrose gave him a baseball slide. As the four men fought, Zayn gave them a somersault plancha. As the only man not involved in the brawl, Jericho set up the ladder in the ring and climbed to get the Money in the Bank briefcase. He unhooked it and posed on top of the ladder cross-legged.