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WWE Raw ratings reach new all-time record low this week

Last night's Raw set an all-time record low for viewers with an average of 1.68 million, down seven percent from the prior week's record non-holiday low and showing the effects of the empty arena shows is siphoning away viewers at a larger rate each week rather than stabilizing, similar to that of SmackDown on Friday.

This broke the all-time low of 1.78 million set on Christmas Eve of 2018, as well as the non-holiday record of 1.82 million set last week.

The drop in 18-49 was nine percent in viewers and the 18-49 rating was 0.46, putting the show in fourth place for the night on cable.

Overall Raw was 24th on the night, which is a better finish than it had been doing and only 90 Day Fiance on TLC (1.83 million viewers) beat Raw in total viewers among non-news programming.

The drop during the show of 14 percent was normal, so the story wasn't the show itself turning off viewers as much as the lack of interest in watching the show to begin with. The first hour was the second lowest first hour in history, while hours two and three were the lowest hours two and three. The third hour was the least-watched hour in Raw history.

The drops in the key demos from hour one to three were eight percent with women 18-49, 11 percent with men 18-49, there was a 14 percent increase in teenage girls during the show and an 11 percent drop in teenage boys, while over 50 dropped 15 percent.

The three hours were:

  • 8 p.m. 1.81 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 1.69 million viewers
  • 10 p.m. 1.55 million viewers