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WWE Raw ratings up for Shane McMahon return, new faction hype

Image: WWE

The return of Shane McMahon on Monday's WWE Raw led to a stronger second hour than usual and brought viewership up six percent from last week's second lowest number of all time with the show averaging 1.71 million viewers and 0.51 in the 18-49 demo.

The first hour was slightly ahead of last week (1.71 million to 1.70 million last week), likely due to the last day hype of the McMahon addition and the promised debut of a new stable. The key was that the second hour not only didn't decline, but it grew greatly to 1.82 million viewers before the show experienced a third hour drop to 1.61 million.

The second hour continually hyped McMahon's new Raw Underground fight club which took place late in the hour. The hour also included Raw Champion Drew McIntyre's confrontation with Randy Orton, Nia Jax's confrontation with Pat Buck, a 24/7 title match with Akira Tozawa vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth, Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler, and the first Underground segment.

While the curiosity didn't carry over for hour three for the older audience, under 35 men and women continued to grow in hour three.

Raw was No. 4 in 18-49, trailing 90 Day Fiance, NBA on ESPN, and Below Deck: Mediterranean. The show was No. 22 for the night overall and No. 4 among non-news shows.

For one week, it was a success because without hyping much of anything this week until the last day and with NBA competition, the rating would have been lower than the last two weeks and threatened the all-time record low for the show. But, they averted that and grew against NBA competition.

That said, unless some of the new things resonate, you can only bring McMahon back once and Underground has to have legs for numbers to not go back to what they were before.

Raw was down 31% from the same week last year overall, 37% in 18-49  and 51% in 18-34.

More demo information:

  • Women 18-49 grew 22% in hour two before falling nine percent in hour three while men 18-49 grew ten percent in hour two before falling five percent in hour three. 
  • Women 12-34 grew 20% in hour two and another 13% in hour three. Men 12-34 grew 14% in hour two and another 18% in hour three so they grew that audience throughout the show.
  • The over 50 demo stayed even in hour two but fell 15% in hour three.