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WWE releases Darren Young and Summer Rae

After announcing that Emma had been released this morning, WWE confirmed that two more wrestlers were also no longer with the company.

WWE announced that Darren Young and Summer Rae had been released, with the company updating their statement to wish Emma, Young, and Summer Rae the best in their future endeavors.

Young suffered an elbow injury during a match on Main Event in January and never returned to television, though he came back at a house show in September and has been working on the road this month.

Along with other WWE wrestlers, Young was at last night's Los Angeles Clippers game to promote that Raw is coming to the Staples Center in December.

Summer Rae's career has also been affected by injury issues, though she's been waiting to return to TV for several months. Her last televised appearance came when she was sitting in the crowd with Asuka, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley at the Mae Young Classic finals in Las Vegas in September.