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WWE SmackDown draws best final viewership in three weeks

Final ratings for SmackDown this past Friday night saw the show average 2.206 million viewers on Fox, up 3.6 percent from last week.

That's up from the 2.106 million viewers the show drew in the overnight ratings. It's also the highest viewership for SmackDown since November 20.

That wasn't enough to allow Fox to climb out of the basement in terms of average audience among the networks, though. No other channel averaged less than 2.9 million viewers on Friday. 

In the 18-49 demo, SmackDown averaged the same 0.6 rating it has the last two weeks. That tied ABC's Shark Tank for the top spot on all of television for the night. 

In 18-34, SmackDown averaged a 0.3 rating. That tied the aforementioned Shark Tank as well as CBS' MacGyver for the top spot on television. The rating was down 25 percent from last week. 

Year-over-year, SmackDown was down 5.3 percent in overall viewers. SmackDown continues to hold up better than Raw or NXT as both of those shows are generally down about 15-20 percent. 

In 18-49, SmackDown was down 14.3 percent from this week last year. In 18-34, the show was down 25 percent year-over-year.

Due to the Pac-12 Championship game airing on Fox, SmackDown is making a one-week move to FS1 this Friday. If past history is any indication, the show's numbers would be expected to be about 40 percent of what they are on Fox.