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WWE Smackdown London spoilers: Shane McMahon mixes it up with Miz

Shane McMahon

Notes from today's Smackdown tapings in London:

- They opened with Miz TV with A.J. Styles. They showed the clips of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacking Roman Reigns. Maryse came out and got heat by speaking in French. Miz brought up that Styles, Gallows and Anderson were all friends from Japan and told Styles to admit to the fact he set up the attack on Reigns. Styles denied it. Miz then asked why he did nothing to stop them if he didn't set it up. Styles said that he was upset with them and doesn't need their help to beat Reigns. Miz continued to push the idea that Styles thought he needed help against Reigns. Miz kept pushing Styles to tell the truth. Miz and Maryse got heat again by making out. Eventually, Styles attacked Miz.

- Ryback beat U.S. Champion Kalisto in a non-title match after hitting the Shellshock.

- Dolph Ziggler came out for a match and was attacked by Baron Corbin. He got laid out again with the End of Days.

- A.J. Styles beat The Miz. Miz was taking the worst of it and tried to walk out. Anderson and Gallows came out and blocked him from leaving. Styles threw Miz back in the ring and pinned him after the Phenomenal Forearm.

- Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose were interviewed. They said Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose were the best in the world at sneaking up from behind.  Zayn & Ambrose then tried to do a comedy bit where they'd come up with a name for their new tag team.

- The Miz did a promo and said what happened earlier was proof Styles, Anderson, and Gallows were all working together. He demanded an investigation and refused to leave the ring until it was done. Shane McMahon then came out. Miz yelled at Shane and put his finger in his chest repeatedly until Shane laid in some punches and a flying back elbow before clotheslining Miz to the outside. This may have been just for the live crowd to give them something since Undertaker wasn't there as advertised. 

Here's a video of the segment for as long as it stays up:

- Anderson & Gallows did an interview.  They were asked if they are aligned with Styles and they said they weren't.  They also said they would be wrestling on Raw Monday night against the Usos.

- Paige & Natalya beat Naomi & Tamina with a double submission win.

- R-Truth pinned Fandango with Goldust as referee.  R-Truth and Goldust danced after the match.

- Enzo and Cass came out. The crowd was big time into them. The Vaudevillains then did a promo making fun of Enzo. Good segment building up their match on Raw next week to determine the top contenders for the tag titles.

- Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho beat Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was on the top rope and Jericho shoved him off. Ambrose sold it like he had injured his knee and Owens pinned him, which was retribution for Ambrose pinning Owens on Raw.