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WWE Smackdown results: Rusev & Miz defend their titles; MITB qualifer

The show opened with a recap of the Money in the Bank qualifying matches from RAW on Monday which saw Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose earn their spots in that match.

After the opening credits, Michael Cole was in the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase and called out Dean Ambrose for an interview. Cole congratulated him for winning the first ever Asylum match at Extreme Rules and asked what he would do in order to earn the MITB contract. Before he could answer, Kevin Owens' music hit and he interrupted from the ramp.

He insulted Cole and warned him to leave the ring before he got there, which he did. He vowed to climb the ladder and become Mr Money in the Bank just like he should've done at WrestleM.... and Sami Zayn's music hit. He finished the sentence. "Like you would've done at WrestleMania if it weren't for me, who is the bane of your existence". Ambrose made a joke about it and Zayn said "Hey Dean, this isn't a joke", which was a nice touch. He said that neither Owens nor Zayn would stop him. They were interrupted by Alberto Del Rio.

He reminded them that he was a former winner and he is going to win again. Zayn announced that Del Rio has to beat Zack Ryder in order to qualify and before he could finish, he was jumped from behind by Owens. Ambrose almost DDT's him as well but Zayn slipped out. 

ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. ZACK RYDER (Money in the Bank qualifying match)

Zack cut an inset promo harkening fans back to his WrestleMania win under similar circumstances. "I'm not supposed to be here but I deserve to be here". Eden Stiles did the ring announcing in what I'm assuming was her final show for the company. Ryder took the offence early but Del Rio gained control pretty quickly. They went through a commercial break where Del Rio landed the double foot stomp outside the ring from the barriers at ringside onto Ryder. Ryder recovered and got more offence than you'd think, including landing the Broski boot, which Del Rio kicked out of. Del Rio missed the double foot stomp and Ryder hit the Rough Ryder but Del Rio rolled out before Ryder could pin him. Ryder rolled him back in and went for the cover but Del Rio applied the cross arm-breaker to get the win.

WINNER: ALBERTO DEL RIO by submission. Del Rio makes it 6 in the Money in the Bank match with one more to come.

Next up was a recap of Seth Rollins returning at Extreme Rules and the announcement from RAW of Rollins getting the next title shot vs Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank. Rollins will make his return to Smackdown later tonight.

Enzo and Cass are out next.

Enzo does his sing along speech on the ramp before the guys get in the ring. Before he could get any more words out, The Dudley Boyz interrupted things. Enzo had some smack talk for them and then Cass called them out. D-Von accepted the challenge and they made their way down the ramp. Bubba stopped before they got into the ring and said "Not tonight, we're going to do this at Monday Night RAW". Bubba then teased the "Get the Tables" spot but instead asked if they could "leave this stinkin' town". Cass called them S-A-W-F-T and that was that.

Renee Young was backstage with Lana and Rusev. Lana instructed her that she needs to refer to Rusev as the "Greatest United States Heavyweight Champion of all time". Rusev called Kalisto a baby and a mosquito and after he plucks the wings off the mosquito, he will never be able to fly again. Good promo. A recap of the 4 way IC title match at the PPV and the Miz-Cesaro qualifying match from RAW aired next.


Lana was in the ring with a mic and took over the ring announcing, asking the fans to put one hand over their heart and welcome the Greatest United States Champion of all time. Much better match than the PPV.  After a brief period of offence from Kalisto, Rusev took over and dominated him. Announcers told the story that Kalisto was coming into this at less than 100% and didn't stand a chance and that's pretty much how it played out. At one point Kalisto tried to bodyslam Rusev and of course his back gave out.

A minute later, he actually hit the bodyslam but then sold his back even more. He did get a two count off a roll-up after Rusey missed a splash in the corner. He then hit the corkscrew off the ropes and a spike rana for a two. Kalisto hit a springboard moonsault on the outside and rolled Rusev back in but only got a two count. Rusev missed a diving headbutt and then Kalisto took forever to climb to the top rope. Kalisto hit a 450 off the top but Rusev got his knees up to block it. Rusev stomped him on the back and then put on the Accolade for the win.

WINNER: RUSEV by submission

Rusev was going for a beatdown on Kalisto after the match but Titus O'Neill came down to challenge him to a US title match RIGHT NOW. Fans were into this, chanting USA but Rusev backed off, which got some good heat. Nice little angle to set up the next US title program. Another recap from RAW aired next, this time of Charlotte ditching the Nature Boy. Mauro called it "an emotional night for the dirtiest family in the game".


Charlotte joined the commentary team for this match. Lawler actually criticized Charlotte for what she did with Flair and Charlotte said that it was something coming from him who spent so much time away from home. Natalya put on the sharpshooter 30 seconds in and Charlotte broke it up for the DQ. 


Natalya recovered and put Charlotte in the sharpshooter but Brooke broke it up and then they beat her down for a couple minutes. No one saved and Charlotte and Dana posed with the belt while Charlotte's music played. We got a recap of AJ's tough week where he lost to Reigns at the PPV, broke up with the Club and lost to Owens in his qualifying match. Renee Young interviewed him backstage and asked what's next. AJ said he was "this close" to winning the title but he's not sure what's next, he'll have to think of something. It was better than it reads.

Golden Truth was out next with Goldust introducing them and then Truth doing an updated version of his song with new lyrics about the tag team. It will take some getting used to. 


Short match with some miscommunication between Goldust and R-Truth leading to the Supermodel kick from Breeze on R-Truth and Fandango getting the pin off of it. Fans were more into this than they had any right to be but were killed off by the finish.


Goldust and R-Truth were talking backstage. Goldust says that just because they lost two out of the chute doesn't make them two-time losers. He claimed that no one will be able to stop them. Breezango stopped by to mock them. Tyler Breeze said "Looks like Goldylocks fell off the beanstalk and cracked his own eggs" and then "nailed it!" as he and Fandango walked away laughing. Goldust went back to his pep talk, egging on the crowd to cheer from them and they actually did. R-Truth said he's with him and vowed to give it another shot. 

Seth Rollins came to the ring for a promo.

Mauro put over that Rollins and Charlotte cracked SI's Fittest 50 list. I'm surprised that hasn't gotten more play, to be honest. Despite his heeling on the crowd at RAW, Rollins got a good reception coming out and was smiling. When the music stopped, you could hear booing but what you could see were fans clapping and chanting WELCOME BACK. He played up to the crowd at first and then heeled on them again without really saying anything. Fans were still chanting THANK YOU SETH when he left.


Cesaro took control early heading into the break but Miz took control during the commercial. Miz worked over Cesaro's left shoulder for most of the match. Miz got a two count off a backslide and then Cesaro started nailing uppercuts with his good arm. Miz kicked the left shoulder but Cesaro tossed Miz in the air and hit the uppercut for a two. Pretty vocal CE-SAR-O chant from the crowd. Miz hit a short-arm DDT for a two and then tried to undo the top turnbuckle pad. Ref stopped him but Maryse finished the job.

They teased a spot into it which never paid off and then the ref spent about a minute hooking it back up. Cesaro got what would've been a three but the ref took too long to make the count. Miz hit an O'Connor roll for two. Cesaro turned that into a sharpshooter but Miz made the ropes to break it up. Miz tossed him out of the ring but Cesaro hit an uppercut from the outside and then went back in and tried to hit his swing but Miz escaped and bailed from the ring. He teased a walkout but Cesaro followed him out, hit the "Very European Uppercut" (called as such by Mauro) and then rolled him back into the ring. Cross body from the top by Cesaro got a two count.

Somewhere amidst all of this, Maryse had removed the turnbuckle again and Miz tossed Cesaro into it shoulder first and then hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Really good match, one of the better TV matches of the year.

WINNER: THE MIZ by pinfall