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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Rusev wins United States title

Rusev became a three-time United States Champion by defeating Shinsuke Nakamura on the Christmas Day edition of SmackDown.

Rusev won the title after hitting Nakamura with his second Machka Kick of the match. But while Nakamura vs. Rusev was the main event, there was another segment after that. Vince McMahon and AJ Styles met backstage, with the storyline being that Vince was trying to get a reaction out of Styles.

Vince said he wants to see the real Styles. He said he and Styles are a lot alike, and Styles has a black hole in his heart and an animal inside of him begging to get out. Vince slapped Styles, then Styles responded by punching Vince in the face. The episode ended by showing Vince on the floor smiling.

Daniel Bryan interrupted R-Truth and Carmella in the opening segment and later attacked Mustafa Ali after Ali had defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas.

Also on SmackDown, Shane McMahon appeared on Miz TV and agreed to become Miz's tag team partner, Jeff Hardy got disqualified against Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson teamed with The Usos against Cesaro, Sheamus & SAnitY, and Mandy Rose taunted Naomi by unsuccessfully attempting to flirt with Jimmy Uso.

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