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WWE title rematch set for Raw, McIntyre to pick stipulation

Drew McIntyre will pick the stipulation against Dolph Ziggler in a WWE title match that will take place next week on Raw.

McIntyre was in the ring during tonight's Raw talking about his victory over Ziggler at Extreme Rules when Ziggler interrupted. He begged for another match, saying he came real close to winning. Initially, McIntyre rejected him. When Ziggler grabbed McIntyre, he responded by headbutting Ziggler.

McIntyre started to leave the arena when Ziggler continued to beg for a match, saying McIntyre could pick the stipulation. It was then when McIntyre agreed to the match, saying that he would pick the stipulations just as Ziggler had -- right before their match.

At Extreme Rules, Ziggler picked the stipulation where McIntyre had to fight under normal rules while Ziggler could compete under Extreme Rules. Despite the advantage, McIntyre pinned Ziggler to retain the championship.

A women’s title rematch between Asuka and Sasha Banks has also been announced for next week’s Raw.