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WWE's JoJo and Bray Wyatt expecting child

WWE's JoJo (Joseann Offerman) and Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) have confirmed that they're expecting a child.

In an Instagram post today, JoJo announced her pregnancy and revealed that the baby is a boy and is expected to arrive in June. The baby's name is Knash.

JoJo wrote that she and Wyatt will make their WWE returns when the time is right. She hasn't been on television or on house shows in her ring announcing role recently due to the pregnancy. Though he's made limited house show appearances since then, Wyatt hasn't been on WWE TV since August.

"I’m so excited to announce baby Knash, coming this June! This has been the most beautiful, incredible experience of my life so far," JoJo wrote. "I am so happy that I was able to use this time to enjoy this privately but now I’m ready to share it with you all. I could not be happier!!! This truly has been the biggest blessing. And words can not explain how ready and excited we are to meet you my little man! I love you more than you’ll ever know. Oh and WWE universe WE will be back when the time is right"