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Yulisa Leon to make WWE in-ring debut on 205 Live

An in-ring debut is set for tonight's 205 Live.

Yulisa Leon (real name Jennifer Michell Cantu Iglesias) will make her WWE in-ring debut as she teams with Katrina Cortez against Valentina Feroz & Amari Miller on 205 Live tonight. Leon is a powerlifter from Monterrey, Mexico who is the daughter of former CMLL wrestler Bronco (Ulises Cantu Gutierrez).

WWE announced the signing of Leon this April.

Cortez was briefly featured on Raw in 2019, going by the name Carolina as she was aligned with Sin Cara. Cortez and Feroz signed with WWE in August 2019, while Miller signed with the company this February.

Xyon Quinn vs. Jeet Rama and Duke Hudson vs. Malik Blade are also set for tonight's 205 Live. Quinn and Hudson have both been featured as part of the NXT 2.0 revamp, with Hudson recently debuting a new poker player character.

205 Live streams on Peacock/WWE Network at 10 p.m. Eastern time on Fridays. The show officially changed its format in August to include matches with wrestlers who are over the 205-pound weight limit.