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NXT Daytona, FL, live results: Gargano-Aleister Black feud continues

Last night's estimated attendance: 300 people.

- Heavy Machinery & Jessie Elaban defeated Boa, Rocky & Xia Li

Heavy Machinery won with the Trash Compactor.

- Punishment Martinez defeated Brennan Williams

Martinez hit a sidewalk chokeslam to win.

- Io Shirai & Taynara Conti defeated Reina Gonzalez & Aliyah

Shirai won it for her team with a hop-up moonsault.

- Matt Riddle defeated Dominik Dijakovic

This was one of the best singles matches in recent history on the Florida loop.

Dijakovic overpowered Riddle early, using overhead and rag-doll throws while controlling the pace. It broke down in to a strike exchange with loud chops and Riddle throwing kicks. Dijakovic kicked out of the Bro to Sleep and bridging German combo but wasn't able to avoid the running knee before tapping out to the Bromission.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Humberto Carrillo

There was a split crowd for this one with “Johnny Gargano Did Nothing Wrong” chants followed by "Yes He Did/Johnny Sucks" chants.Gargano raised Carrillo’s head with his foot like Aleister Black does and hit a superkick to win it.

After the match, Gargano took the mic and said that he's the good guy here and the hero. Black’s music hit and Gargano ran off. Black then kicked Carrillo to send a message to Gargano.

- Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) defeated The Mighty & Saurav Gurjar

The crowd loved Undisputed Era here. O'Reilly and Fish got the win with Total Elimination.

- Mia Yim defeated Chelsea Green

Green kept going for her lipstick to put on herself and Yim. Yim won with a package sit-out powerbomb, which the crowd loved.

- NXT North American Champion Ricochet defeated Kona Reeves (w/ Vanessa Borne) to retain his title

There were a lot of distractions by Borne in this one, but Ricochet survived and the referee finally threw her out of ringside. Ricochet hit the Cradle Shock to retain.