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NXT Milwaukee, WI, live results: Ohno & McIntyre vs. Roode & Itami

Submitted by reader Brian Reid

- Roderick Strong defeated Velveteen Dream

The crowd was strongly behind Strong throughout the match and chanted his name multiple times. Velveteen Dream wore a Chicago Cubs shirt to the ring to draw heat. The crowd was very engaged, with this being a good way to start the card. There was a quick pace to the match and both wrestlers were very crisp.

- Ruby Riot & Liv Morgan defeated Sonya Deville & Bianca Belair

There wasn't much of a response for Deville or Belair, though Morgan got a decent pop and Riot was the clear crowd favorite. They had a standard tag match, with the heels cornering Morgan until she made a hot tag to Riot. Riot pinned Belair to get the victory.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Killian Dain

Gargano was obviously hugely over, with the crowd chanting "Johnny Wrestling" for him on multiple occasions. Dain didn't draw much heat but did well in playing the part of the intimidating heel. They had a good match, though the crowd was desperate for Gargano to pull off more high-risk moves.

- Aleister Black defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas

Black got a huge pop during his entrance. The match had a lot of hard striking from Black and Almas playing his arrogant heel persona. The audience was quieter for this than the first two singles matches, but they popped hard for Black doing his moonsault from the middle rope. He eventually hit Black Mass to win.

- SAnitY (Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe) defeated Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery were over with the crowd, getting chants of "we want bear hugs" quite often. SAnitY isolated Otis Dozovic for much of this one as Young drew a lot of heat from the crowd. Young pinned Tucker Knight for the finish, then Heavy Machinery got a large ovation as they made their exit.

- Ember Moon defeated Mandy Rose

Moon was extremely over here. The crowd chanted for her as soon as she entered the ring, though Rose didn't get much of a reaction. Both performers put on a good match and got a fairly equal amount of offense. Moon won by submission.

- Kassius Ohno & Drew McIntyre defeated NXT Champion Bobby Roode & Hideo Itami

Roode got the biggest pop of the night for his entrance, which wasn't much of a surprise. The quality of the match exceeded everything else on the show as well. Itami got in tons of really stiff looking strikes on Ohno, with the crowd popping for them. McIntyre got the least time in the ring out of the four.

The crowd was super engaged from start to finish. While Itami was down outside of the ring, McIntyre made a quick tag to Ohno, who finished off Roode and got the pin. Roode grabbed the mic and called Ohno a fluke after the match, challenging him to a title match at their show in Green Bay on Friday.

Roode then made some disparaging comments about Milwaukee and left.