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NXT Tampa, FL, live results: Karen Q debuts

Thursday night's estimated attendance: 400 people.

- Raul Mendoza defeated Luke Menzies

Mendoza used a roll-up to get the win. The crowd was all over Menzies.

- Chelsea Green defeated Jessie Elaban

The Unprettier got the win for Green.

- Shadia Bseiso made her way to the ring to tell us that she's a promoter now and her first fighter is Mansoor Al-Shehail. The crowd wouldn't let her speak -- there was very loud booing.

The reaction was the same for Mansoor. He told everyone to stand up and show respect.

- Brennan Williams defeated Mansoor Al-Shehail

Williams used a huge chokeslam, spear, and heel kick to obliterate Mansoor. The crowd loved this one.

- There was an in-ring interview with 7’3” trainee Tomu.

- Kona Reeves defeated Eric Bugenhagen

- Montez Ford defeated Marcel Barthel (w/ Fabian Aichner)

Ford hit a frog splash to win a good one.

- Babatunde Aiyegbusi defeated Denzel Dejournette

Babatunde won with a big spinning side slam.

- Aliyah & Vanessa Borne defeated Lacey Lane & Karen Q

Karen Q made her NXT debut here after reporting to the Performance Center as part of the February class. She was also a participant in last year's Mae Young Classic.

Aliyah and Borne hit a double-team neckbreaker on Lane to get the win. After the match, Karen Q laid out Lane for losing.

- Matt Riddle defeated Riddick Moss

The crowd wasn't into Moss, who worked holds throughout. Riddle survived and locked in the Bromission to win.