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NXT UK results: Kassius Ohno vs. Mark Andrews

Taped June 16, 2019 at Download Festival in Leicestershire, England

Quick results --

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone in impressive fashion. Jinny defeated Xia Brookside, with Jazzy Gabert helping her out by distracting Brookside.

Toni Storm talked about Kay Lee Ray, who announced that she would cash in her title shot at NXT TakeOver: Cardiff on August 31. In a very good main event, Mark Andrews withstood a good deal of punishment and pulled off the win against the larger Kassius Ohno.

Full rundown --

- Sid Scala opened the show and ran down this week's card. He also announced Toni Storm would have something to say.

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone when Barthel pinned Huxley after a powerbomb/uppercut combo (4:53)

Aichner immediately took down the bigger T-Bone and made it look easy. T-Bone came back with a right and a clothesline but got caught in mid-air by Aichner and dropped with a powerslam.

A double tag later found Huxley at the receiving end of a running soccer kick by Barthel. Barthel kept attacking Huxley relentlessly in the corner. Huxley took a lot more punishment and crawled for the hot tag, but Aichner also tagged in, sneaked around ringside, and pulled T-Bone off the apron and kneed him into the steps.

Aichner and Barthel then finished Huxley off with a combined powerbomb/European uppercut off the second turnbuckle.

- Radzi Chinyanganya talked to Travis Banks, who said he was disappointed about losing to WALTER but will come back strong

Jinny (w/ Jazzy Gabert) defeated Xia Brookside with a roll-up (4:35)

Aiden English compared Jinny and Gabert to Cersei Lannister and The Mountain from Game of Thrones. Brookside started strong with a roll-up and a dropkick, then followed up with a crossbody a minute later. Jinny missed a running charge into the corner and got double knees to the back of the head, then found herself tied up in a tree of woe, but escaped.

Jinny fled to ringside and Brookside faced off with Gabert, but Jinny used the distraction and pulled Brookside up by the hair from the ring. Gabert then briefly attacked Brookside and threw her back into the ring. Jinny took over and locked in a version of a surfboard, but Brookside made the ropes.

Brookside hit a hurricanrana off the ropes, but Jinny and Brookside collided and Jinny was thrown into the ref, who briefly was distracted, allowing Gabert to grab Brookside's legs. Jinny rolled her up for the win.

- A cameraman went into Imperium's trailer, and they were not amused. Barthel said they disposed of British Strong Style and took out Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate and all that was left was Trent Seven.

Alexander Wolfe said Seven better be careful what he wished for and that WALTER accepts his challenge. WALTER said in German that he would break Seven and repeated the same in English, saying he would snap Seven's back. They then threw out the cameraman.

- Kenny Williams talked about Noam Dar, saying he'd snap off the wing Dar wanted to take him under.

- They showed clips from after last week's main event, where Dave Mastiff dared Gallus to step back into the ring with him. A reporter went into Gallus' trailer and Joe Coffey said they tamed The Hunt and that he would take down Mastiff as well.

Toni Storm in-ring promo

Storm came out to the crowd chanting her name. She said she thought Kay Lee Ray was one of her best friends and mentioned how KLR helped her out when she first moved to the UK. She said KLR didn't need to get her attention, she got it and was ready whenever KLR was. Storm said she was sick of her mind games, but was then interrupted by KLR's music.

Kay Lee Ray said she was more prepared than Storm and teased having their match right now. Storm prepared, but KLR said this was not going to happen. KLR said she was going to make Storm wait until the biggest show they've ever had -- NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. KLR said until then, she would make Storm's life a living hell.

- Scala said this would not mean Storm and Kay Lee Ray would not be in action until TakeOver. He announced Storm, Piper Niven & Xia Brookside vs. Kay Lee Ray, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert for next week.

- Kenny Williams vs. Noam Dar and WALTER vs. Trent Seven were announced for next week.

Mark Andrews defeats Kassius Ohno (13:05)

Ohno showed off his mat prowess early, then locked Andrews in a cravat. Andrews eventually countered it into a front facelock, but quickly found himself back in the hold. Andrews showed off a few cartwheels, then hit a few dropkicks and a dive to the outside, but Ohno caught him mid-flight and slammed him throat-first into the exposed part of the turnbuckle.

Ohno took over and beat down Andrews for a while, including choking him in the ropes and locking in a another variation of the cravat. 

Ohno sat on Andrews in the corner, then shoved Andrews off the second turnbuckle, sending him tumbling to ringside. He screamed at Andrews that he didn't belong in the ring with him and that Ohno was a wrestling genius. Ohno threw Andrews back into the ring, but got hit with three enzuigiris and a somersault plancha into a hurricanrana on the outside.

Back in the ring, Andrews hit another top rope hurricanrana and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Andrews slid under an Ohno strike, then went to hit the Pele kick, but got elbowed into the back of the head for a close near fall.

Andrews ended up on Ohno's shoulders and got smashed face-first onto the mat. Ohno chopped Andrews, who was trapped in the ropes, but Andrews powered up and hit a number of strikes. Eventually, Andrews landed an inverted rana for a close two count.

Andrews managed to hit the Stun Dog Millionaire, then turned a moonsault block that got caught into a spinning DDT, but it still was not enough to beat Ohno. Andrews hit a Shooting Star Press, but on impact, got caught in a cravat and ate a nasty cravat slam, followed by a spinning big boot.

Ohno got cocky and didn't got for the pin, but rather wanted to hit a tombstone piledriver. As he had Andrews up for the move, Andrews rolled through and got the pin. Ohno was shocked in the ring as Andrews celebrated on the stage.

Next week --

Toni Storm, Piper Niven & Xia Brookside face off with Kay Lee Ray, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert, Kenny Williams wrestles Noam Dar, and WALTER takes on Trent Seven.