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NXT UK results: Pete Dunne-WALTER contract signing

Quick results --

Jordan Devlin defeated Dan Moloney in a fun opener. Kassius Ohno talked about why he attacked Amir Jordan after their match last week, then ran down Travis Banks.

Rhea Ripley defeated Xia Brookside in a hard-fought match in which Brookside showed a lot of heart. As Ripley proclaimed to be the dominant woman in NXT UK, Piper Niven made her first appearance on NXT UK television to dispute that claim.

Mark Andrews and Noam Dar fought to a no contest, when an inverted rana by Andrews went awry, rendering both men unable to continue.

In the main event segment, Pete Dunne and WALTER signed the contract for their WWE United Kingdom Championship match at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Full rundown --

The show opened with a graphic announcing that Pete Dunne and WALTER would be signing the contract tonight for their upcoming WWE UK Championship match at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Jordan Devlin pinned Dan Moloney in 4:28 after a backdrop driver

Devlin took over right away and toyed with Moloney for a bit. Moloney came back by throwing Devlin into the corner and hitting a few chops and punches, but Devlin quickly turned things back around with his uranage/standing moonsault combination for a two count.

Moloney staged another comeback as he hit a high back body drop and threw Devlin to ringside, but the Irishman snapped Moloney's neck on the rope and hit a springboard cutter for another two count. Devlin then stopped Moloney with a headbutt and hit his pull-up backdrop driver for the win.

Kassius Ohno addressed his actions from last week

Kassius Ohno came out with a mic and said that NXT UK management told him to come out and explain his actions from last week. He said he wanted to make sure he didn't come off phony and staged, so he read a totally phony apology off his smartphone.

Ohno said he shouldn't have revived Amir Jordan just to knock him out again, but it just felt so good to do so. He said he could have gone anywhere, but chose to come to NXT UK. He said "some kid" came out after his match last week, a guy from New Zealand "mimicking a wrestler," Travis Banks. Ohno has his eyes set on the prize -- and if the Kiwi Buzzsaw ever found himself opposite Ohno in a ring, he would be a broken little buzzsaw.

- A video of Dave Mastiff in the gym aired. He talked about growing up and said he had to prove himself and never show weakness. Mastiff said that's what he still does to this day.

- A graphic announced Toni Storm would defend her NXT UK Women's Championship against Jinny in two weeks.

- A video of Jinny from the WWE tryouts in India aired. She said WWE chose her and not Storm to attend the tryouts, because Jinny was a better wrestler and the people needed a hero, which was her, not Storm.

Rhea Ripley pinned Xia Brookside in 7:21 after Riptide

Ripley laughed at Brookside, while Brookside looked a bit concerned. Ripley threw her around in the beginning, but Brookside briefly came back with a standing headlock. She got overwhelmed quickly, as Ripley slammed her and kept working her over.

Ripley hit a prolonged vertical suplex for a near fall. As she tried another suplex shortly afterwards, Brookside turned the attempt into a small package for a two count, then followed up with a number of dropkicks. Ripley eventually plucked her out of mid-air and tried her inverted cloverleaf, but Brookside made the ropes before she could apply the hold. Brookside then followed up with a twirling headscissors and double knees to the back of the head, sending Ripley head-first into the turnbuckles.

Brookside went to the top, but Ripley attacked her and went for a superplex. Brookside escaped from that attempt, put Ripley in the Tree of Woe, and hit a basement dropkick, then sent her to ringside and followed up with a high crossbody off the top to the outside.

Back in the ring, Brookside hit a top rope codebreaker for a near fall, and Ripley looked to be in trouble. Brookside went for a crucifix into a sunset flip, but Ripley wouldn't budge and picked her up from the mat, then hit Riptide for the victory.

After the match, Ripley cut a promo, asking Brookside if she was serious. Ripley said she showed Brookside what her nightmare really was. Ripley said she was the dominant woman in NXT UK. At that point, the music of Piper Niven, the woman formerly known as Viper, hit and she came out as Ripley looked on in disbelief.

Ripley quickly left the ring as Niven entered. She looked at Ripley and said "The most dominant woman in NXT UK? Not anymore!"

- Radzi Chinyanganya found Isla Dawn backstage and asked her about what she makes of Niven. Dawn was quickly interrupted by Kay Lee Ray, who told her that them all being from Scotland doesn't mean they're all friends. Kay Lee Ray told Dawn that she might be next.

- A special look on WALTER aired, using footage from matches in PROGRESS, wXw, and NXT UK. A number of people -- such as Aleister Black, Dave Mastiff, Drake Wuertz, and Robbie Brookside -- commented on WALTER's style and progress as a wrestler over the past few years. 

- Radzi interviewed Trent Seven, asking him about the recent comments by Joe Coffey where Coffey referred to him as "dead weight." Seven said that the Seven Nation Army was behind him and he was looking forward to shutting Coffey up.

- Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner were shown backstage, looking at a smartphone and being livid. They talked to each other in German and said "look at those to idiots." Barthel prompted Aichner to turn the phone around, displaying the video of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan in the gym from last week's episode.

Barthel and Aichner said that there was nothing funny about the wrestling business and that it meant a lot more to them than to any of the fans. They proclaimed they would go through Jordan and Williams if that's what it takes to get ahead. Barthel and Aichner said that to them, the mat is sacred.

Mark Andrews and Noam Dar went to a no contest in 12:35

Dar worked over Andrews' arm and backed him into a corner. They tried to one-up each other, with each wrestler avoiding the others' moves. After some back and forth, Dar crotched Andrews on the top rope and went for a quick cover. After some offense by Dar, Andrews came back with a sunset flip, a striking combination, and an enzuigiri.

Andrews followed with a running flip cover and Stomp 182, then hit a dive on Dar, who had fled to ringside. A corkscrew moonsault by Andrews hit its mark for a near fall, but he then missed a corner charge and quickly found himself in an ankle lock by Dar.

Andrews managed to escape and throw Dar to the outside once more, then hit a moonsault off the apron. He snapped Dar's neck on the top rope, but got kicked mid-move as he attempted to springboard back into the ring.

Dar hit a running snapmare that sent Andrews into the steel steps at ringside. Both men took some time to recover and Dar locked in another ankle lock back in the ring. Andrews eventually made the ropes, but he sold his knee from the move. He hit an enzuigiri off a dragon screw attempt and hit a moonsault on Dar, but landed on his knees in the process. They traded punches and Andrews got a backslide for another near fall.

Andrews hit Stundog Millionaire off a counter for another two count, then hit an inverted rana but slipped off and crashed into Dar's knee, prompting both men to writhe on the mat in pain. Referee Drake Wuertz threw up the X sign and had the doctor check out Dar. He ruled the match a no contest, as neither wrestler could continue.

Dar and Andrews were both stretchered off by the medical crew as they threw their thumbs up for the crowd.

- A video for the upcoming NXT UK tapings in April, July, and at Download Festival in June aired, followed by a recap of the previous match.

- A graphic announced Isla Dawn vs. Kay Lee Ray and Trent Seven vs. Joe Coffey for next week.

Pete Dunne vs. WALTER contract signing

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala came to the ring among "Johnny Saint" chants. Scala quickly introduced the challenger, WALTER, who came out wearing a black coat, shirt, and dress pants. He shook Saint's hand but otherwise looked all business.

Dunne came out looking similarly serious and the two opponents faced off over the table. Scala repeatedly had to ask them to take their seats, which they eventually did without taking their eyes off each other. Scala called it the biggest match in NXT UK history and one which the European wrestling scene had demanded. It would now take place over the biggest weekend in wrestling.

Scala asked WALTER if he wanted to say anything, but WALTER pushed the microphone on the table in front of him away, signed the contract, and pushed it over to Dunne.

Dunne decided that he was not going to stay as silent as the Ring General and said "You don't have to say anything. It's not just the WWE Universe that wants this match. I want this match. And at TakeOver: New York, you're going to know what everyone else here has known for the past 647 days. I am the Bruiserweight and NXT UK belongs to me. And the WWE UK championship is and always will be mine."

As Dunne turned to leave, WALTER decided to reply (initially in German): "Peter. Deine Zeit ist abgelaufen. (Peter. Your time is up). Don't look at me like that, you know exactly I could just reach over and put you through that table. Like I just said, your time is up. And in New York City, the reign of the Bruiserweight will end. Because this title is mine."

Dunne and WALTER then faced off one final time as the show went off the air.

Next week --

Kay Lee Ray faces Isla Dawn and Trent Seven takes on Joe Coffey.