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NXT UK results: Tag Team titles on the line

Taped on April 19 at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.

Quick results --

A number of qualifying matches for a fatal four-way were announced, with the eventual winner getting the next shot at WALTER's WWE United Kingdom Championship. Joe Coffey pinned Flash Morgan Webster in the first qualifier.

Moustache Mountain defeated The Hunt in a fun opener, and Nina Samuels quickly beat Kasey Owens. In the main event, The Grizzled Young Veterans successfully defended the NXT UK Tag Team titles against Kenny Williams and his surprise partner, Noam Dar, who replaced an injured Amir Jordan.

We never saw who injured Jordan, but it was strongly hinted it might have been the tag champs. We also got a glimpse at Pete Dunne training for his title rematch against WALTER, which will air in two weeks.

Full rundown --

The show opened with Sid Scala announcing a four-way match in four weeks to determine the next contender for the WWE UK Championship, which will either still be held by WALTER, or his challenger, former champion Pete Dunne.

Vic Joseph also said that the WALTER vs. Dunne rematch would air in two weeks.

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) defeated The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) in 7:23

Primate ran wild early on Seven, but he managed to come back, throw Primate to the outside, and follow up with a dive on both members of The Hunt. Primate, none the worse for wear, went for a middle rope exploder on Seven right away once he was back inside.

The Hunt worked Seven over until he managed the hot tag to Bate. Bate hit a number of European uppercuts, an overhead belly-to-back suplex, and a running Shooting Star Press, then followed up with the airplane spin, eventually even throwing Wild Boar onto Primate.

Seven was back in and took over, but the Burning Hammer/flying knee combo was thwarted, resulting in The Hunt taking over once more. But a small mistake was all Moustache Mountain needed to hit a combined dragon suplex/springboard lariat for the win.

- Cameras went backstage for some breaking news, showing Kenny Williams helping an obviously injured Amir Jordan to the trainer's room

Qualifying match for number one contender's fatal four-way: Joe Coffey pinned Flash Morgan Webster in 6:05

Since they were in Glasgow, Coffey was super over with the crowd, who chanted "Let's Go, Coffey!"

Coffey started out strong, sending Webster to the mat, then locking in a tight headlock. Webster actually got some boos when he got on a headlock of his own.

Webster took over with a springboard dropkick on Coffey while he was on the apron, then hit a standing somersault senton. Coffey smashed Webster into the corner a few times, then did his butterfly swing into a butterfly suplex. They went back and forth and Webster hit an impressive running body block onto Coffey, who was in the ropes and both men tumbled to the outside.

After another dive and the Rude Boy Block, Webster hit a knee strike for a near fall. Coffey hit a running pounce into the corner, then followed up with Best for the Bells for the win.

After the match, Gallus came out and did an in-ring promo, talking about how this was their kingdom. They said they ran this city, just as they run NXT UK. Wolfgang called out Dave Mastiff for next week, but the rest of the team held him back and told him to calm down and said they should focus on the fatal four-way instead.

- A video of Dunne training at the UK Performance Center for his rematch against WALTER aired.

- A video hyped the debut of Ilja Dragunov for next week.

Nina Samuels pinned Kasey Owens in 2:47

Samuels started beating Owens up right away and punished her with some submission attempts. Owens briefly came back with some striking offense and even scored a near fall. Samuels quickly came back with a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker, doing further damage to Owens' lower back. She followed up with the Nina Goroshi for the win.

Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Samuels in the ring after the match. She cut an insincere promo about how Toni Storm deserves to live her dream, then talked about how Storm abandoned her struggling single mother and her baby sister, just so she could live her rock and roll lifestyle.

- Dave Mastiff talked with some media representatives. He said that he would destroy Gallus' kingdom next week when he takes on Wolfgang. As he was wrapping up, Kay Lee Ray walked up and vowed no one in NXT UK would forget the name Kay Lee Ray ever again.

- A highlight video for next week's Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff vs. Wolfgang qualifying matches aired.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) defeated Kenny Williams & Noam Dar in 13:28 to retain their titles

Before the match, Gibson cut a promo, claiming he heard that Amir Jordan was injured. So unfortunately, there would be no Tag Team title match tonight and he was very disappointed. He told the fans to get their shoes back on and head home.

As Gibson kept talking, Williams' entrance music started and he came out. He also had a mic in hand and confirmed that Jordan was injured. He said there still would be a title match tonight. This brought out Noam Dar as Williams' partner -- and the fans cheered for their countryman.

Dar and Williams stormed the ring and attacked the Veterans, sending them scurrying to ringside. The two teams brawled around ringside. Dar and Gibson ended up back in the ring and Dar hit a dropkick, then followed with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall, while Williams and Drake still fought on the outside.

The champs then took over, singling out Dar and focusing on his previously injured knee. Drake caught Dar from leaping off to a hot tag, then locked in another kneebar.

Dar finally managed the hot tag and Williams ran wild, hitting a springboard reverse body press on Drake, then drove his head into the turnbuckle. He thwarted an attack by Gibson, hit his wrecking ball dropkick on Gibson on the outside, then skinned the cat back inside. Drake caught him on that, but Williams was able to turn it into a DDT. Williams then hit an impressive springboard Pepsi Plunge to the outside on both members of the Grizzled Young veterans. He hit a top rope elbow on Drake for a close two count.

Dar and Gibson both tagged back in. Dar tripped Gibson and locked in a kneebar, but Gibson managed to tag out to Drake. They went to double team Dar, but Williams pulled Gibson to the outside and Dar locked in another kneebar while Williams had Gibson in an ankle lock.

Gibson finally managed to escape and free Drake as well. An enzuigiri by Dar later, all four men were down again. Dar managed to cradle Drake for another near fall, but Drake kicked out and locked in a single-leg Boston crab. Dar was about to tap out, but Williams caught his hand and -- seconds later -- kicked Drake, forcing him to release the hold.

Gibson and Williams traded offense and Dar sacrificed himself to take a codebreaker by Gibson off the second rope. Williams rolled through on Gibson for another close near fall.

As Dar was looking to finish the match, Drake pulled him to the outside and slammed his knee into the ring post. Drake blind-tagged in and hit a running dropkick onto Williams as Gibson held him in the corner. Gibson then hit Helter Skelter, followed by a 450 by Drake for the win.

Next week --

Two fatal four-way qualifiers take place, as Dave Mastiff faces Wolfgang and Jordan Devlin meets Ligero. Also, the debut of Ilja Dragunov on NXT UK TV.