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NXT UK results: Tag title match, WALTER vs. Ohno

Taped January 25-27 at Royal Rumble Axxess at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Quick rundown --

Jack Gallagher beat Tyler Bate, Grizzled Young Veterans defended their NXT UK tag team titles, beating Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch and WALTER beat Kassius Ohno.

Full results --

The show opened right with out first match, Tyler Bate vs. Jack Gallagher, making his NXT UK debut.

Tyler Bate pinned "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher in 9:46 after a roll-up

They had a great scientific babyface match with lots submissions and mat wrestling.

Bate applied a wrist lock right away but Gallagher managed to escape and took Bate down for a one-count. They went into mat-wrestling with submissions and counters withing the first minute and Gallagher gave Bate some trouble with a leg vice which Bate eventually escaped from. Gallagher showed his submission prowess and training under Billy Robinson with some unique submission attempts that had Bate cringing on the mat.

Gallagher kept working on Bate's knees and ankles and Bate didn't really have an answer to being tied into a pretzel at will at that point and even was slightly limping after continued submissions. Bate eventually came back with an arm lever extension and went for an airplane spin, but Gallagher quickly escaped and locked in another submission until Bate managed to reach the ropes. They ended up in round-and-round roll-ups that had both men and the referee dizzy until Bate finally managed to pick up the win with a surprise roll-up.

We saw a training session at the NXT UK Performance Center where Robbie Brookside ran some drills involving a few wrestlers, including Travis Banks. Jordan Devlin suddenly appeared, pulling Banks off the apron and attacked him on the outside until Brookside and the other wrestlers broke it up.

We took a short look at WALTER's dominance in NXT UK.

A video hyping the "Nina Samuels" show aired.

Eddie Dennis cut a promo at the NXT UK Performance Center and said that people wondered what happened to him after losing to Dave Mastiff at TakeOver. He said when he retuirns, he would take down the roster one by one.

WALTER pinned Kassius Ohno in 8:37 after a power bomb

These two faced off in wXw (at a 16 Carat Gold tournament final no less), PROGRESS and even WWE at WrestleMania weekend last year.

They went for a test of strenght right away and WALTER showed his dominance early. Ohno took a swing but looked concerned right away, He applied a head lock but WALTER easily escaped and started working over Ohno's arm.Ohno foolishly chopped WALTER who just looked at him, then smashed his big frame into the American, sending him crashing to the mat. He hit a big boot, sending Ohno to ringside. They traded forearms on the outside until WALTER picked him up and smashed him onto the apron.

Ohno went back in the ring and as WALTER tried to pull him back outside, he stomped on the Austrian's head and hit a senton on his arm. Ohno applied a cravat and forced the big man to his knees, but WALTER eventually body slammed his way out of the hold. They traded forearms, chops and slaps. Ohno managed to weigh WALTER down on a German suplex attempt but caught a chop to the back for his troubles and then got German suplexed like he deserved to be.

Ohno managed to roll through on a sleeper hold for a two-count. Ohno went up for a moonsault but WALTER rolled out of the way. WALTER then hit a Shotgun dropkick and the power bomb for the victory.

Ligero was shown at the NXT UK Performance Center and replied to Joseph Conners comments from last week. A match between the two was announced for next week.

After their brawl that was shown earlier, a Falls Count Anywhere match between Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks also was announced for next week.

Grizzled Young Veterans beat Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in 13:09 when Dann Burch was pinned after Ticket to Mayhem

Lorcan and Drake started out and Drake worked Lorcan's arm right away. Oney escaped and made the tag, with Burch taking over until Gibson blind-tagged in and the champs took over, with Gibson first slamming Burch and then slamming his own partner on top of him. Lorcan came back in on a hot tag and ran wild for a bit, until Drake put a thumb into his eye and the heels proceeded to beat Lorcan down on the outside.

Back inside, Gibson applied his kneeling cobra clutch and tagged Drake, who knocked Oney down with a stiff forearm, then applied a nerve hold. The champs quickly tagged in and out and isolated Lorcan for a few minutes, until Oney finally manged to thwart his opponents and make the hot tag to Danny Burch. He ran wild, then hit consecutive German suplexes on both Grizzled Young Veterans, followed by a flying dropkick on Gibson and a power bomb on Drake for a near fall.

Drake managed to escape a cutter attempt off the ropes, allowing the champs to take over. Gibson hit Ticket to Ride on Burch, but the British veteran managed to kick out. Gibson had Burch on his shoulders but he escaped, hit head butts on both opponents and tagged Lorcan. The faces hit a Doomsday Device for another near fall that was broken up, when Gibson back body dropped Lorcan onto Burch. Lorcan and Gibson faced off, with each having an opponent in a submission and started trading strikes. Lorcan ran wild, hitting a crazy somersault plancha on both opponents. Lorcan and Burch hit a double high angle DDT on Drake for a very close near fall.

Drake rolled up Burch with his feet on the ropes and Gibson holding him down from the outside but Burch still managaged to kick out. The Grizzled Young Veterans then finally hit Ticket to Mayhem on Burch for the win and a successful title defense.

Next week:

Jordan Devlin meets Travis Banks in a falls count anywhere match and Ligero faces Joseph Conners in a rematch from a few weeks ago.