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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Jordan Devlin

Taped on April 6 at WrestleMania Axxess in Brooklyn, New York

Quick results --

Travis Banks defeated Mansoor in a fun opener, with Mansoor's cockiness sealing his fate in the end. Piper Niven defeated Reina Gonzalez, who used her size and strength to keep Niven in check, but succumbed to the Scot's might in the end.

In a very good main event, WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER defeated Jordan Devlin in a non-title match. Devlin used his speed and a number of leg kicks to keep WALTER down, but he ultimately fell victim to the Ring General, as is the fate of all mortal men.

After the main event, Pete Dunne came out to demand his rematch, which WALTER approved.

Full rundown --

Travis Banks defeated Mansoor (5:57)

Banks was in control early, taking Mansoor down with arm drags and working over his upper arms. Mansoor briefly got cocky after getting out of the hold, but ate some flying double knees for his trouble.

Mansoor threw Banks to the outside and worked him over, then got the upper hand back in the ring. Banks came back strong, dropkicking Mansoor to the outside, hitting a stiff soccer kick off the apron, and finally following up with a dive through the ropes onto his opponent. Banks missed Slice of Heaven off the middle rope, allowing Mansoor to hit a modified cutter.

As Mansoor got too cocky after a near fall, Banks successfully hit the Slice of Heaven and finished things off with the Kiwi Crusher.

- Xia Brookside cut an incredibly cute, heart-melting promo from the NXT UK Performance Center. She promised to train hard and take us all on her journey. She comes across as someone who could connect incredibly well with the crowd once her win-loss record improves.

- A video hyping the debut of Ilja Dragunov aired. It featured footage from wXw and PROGRESS.

- Nina Samuels was featured in a video where she talked about stringing along victories. Samuels said she wants to face Toni Storm, as Storm is no "leading lady."

Piper Niven defeated Reina Gonzalez (5:00)

Gonzalez came out with a bull rope, but Niven was not impressed. They locked up, with neither wrestler able to get the advantage. Gonzalez backed Niven into the corner, but she missed on a punch and they kept going with neither getting the edge.

Gonzalez finally used some questionable tactics to take over. As she choked Niven on the ropes, Niven managed to throw her to ringside.

Back inside, they kept trading offense until Niven wiped Gonzalez out with a running body block and a senton for a near fall. Niven then put her away with a Michinoku Driver for the win.

- Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan talked backstage. They discussed the Grizzled Young Veterans throwing their gear out of the locker room last week and said the Grizzled Young Veterans got themselves counted out in their match because they were afraid. They talked about getting their title shot in Scotland soon.

- Gallus discussed how they will soon return to Glasgow and stage their comeback there.

WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER defeated Jordan Devlin in a non-title match (12:32)

WALTER right away started to stalk Devlin -- and the Irishman fled to ringside. Finally, they locked up and WALTER threw Devlin around, resulting in Devlin fleeing the ring once more.

Back inside, WALTER missed a chop in the corner and Devlin hit two chops of his own, drawing the Austrian's ire. WALTER caught Devlin in a sleeper hold, and as Devlin escaped and staged a comeback, WALTER leapfrogged him and almost took his head off with a big boot.

The champ kept working on Devlin with a crossface, a big knee to the side, and another crossface. He hit a big butterfly suplex. On the outside, Devlin tried a running soccer kick off the apron, but WALTER caught him, put him on his shoulders, and nonchalantly threw him into the ropes from the outside.

As WALTER was looking to go back into the ring, Devlin kicked away at his legs and finally looked like he had found some recipe to keep the big man down. Devlin kept working on WALTER's hamstring with kicks and a single-leg Boston crab. WALTER actually bled from the mouth here, but finally made the ropes with Devlin holding on until the five count.

Eventually, Devlin missed a dropkick as the Ring General sidestepped him and punished him right away with a sit-down splash. WALTER hit a chop heard around the world, sending Devlin down crumbling. Devlin escaped a German suplex attempt, but WALTER threw him high into the air on a back body drop.

WALTER smashed Devlin into the corner, then hit a huge German release suplex. Devlin rolled to the outside, and WALTER had a field day, hitting chops and a big slam onto the apron. WALTER went for a powerbomb back inside, but Devlin actually turned it into a sunset flip for a near fall.

WALTER hit a few chops, but Devlin came back with more leg kicks. He looked to hit the Devlin Side, but WALTER blocked it and hit a back drop driver of his own. WALTER went up for a big splash to finish things like he did against Pete Dunne, but Devlin pulled him down. After a few attempts, Devlin finally hit Devlin Side for another near fall.

Devlin tried to go for Devlin Side once more, but WALTER turned it into a stiff lariat, then hit the powerbomb and put all his weight on top of Devlin to keep him down for the three.

As WALTER was celebrating his victory, Dunne's music played and he walked out, microphone in hand. Dunne entered the ring and faced off with the man who took his title. He demanded "Give me my rematch!" -- and WALTER nodded in approval.

Next week --

The first batch of matches from Glasgow and presumably (unless they changed matches from the order they were taped in) the WALTER vs. Dunne rematch.